Happy Ice Cream Turkey Bacon Day


I had SUCH good intentions. 


We invited the bus stop families over after school for ice cream.  It all started with a Sunday School charge to “walk across the room” and reach out to those around you.  Ice cream sounded like a good way to do that.  And why not ice cream?  I mean, it was 89 degrees here yesterday.  Apparantly October is still summer in VA Beach.


Except today’s high was 66.  And the sun never came out.  I announced to parents and kids alike as the childrens marched ON the bus this morning, “If it’s raining this afternoon, we’ll do it another time.”  And then mumbled under my breath ’cause you’re not coming in.  When 3rd child excitedly asked yesterday after the idea was first hatched “are we gonna clean up the house since everyone’s coming over for an ice cream party?”  I looked at her lovingly as if she had a blossoming cherry tree sprouting from her left nostril and said, “Uh…Nooooooo.  It’s outside.  Pshhh.”

So of course, truth being way more entertaining than fiction, it was semi-sprinkling at 2:25.  Ice cream supplies came in.  Sky cleared up at 2:40.  Ice cream supplies back out.  Sprinkles again at 2:47, ice cream supplies in.  So in we stayed.  A few of the neighbor kids came in after all.  A few of the moms stopped by as well.  I made a huge pot of coffee.  Untouched.  I brought out the hot chocolate.  No takers.  But the idea and the fun was a hit. 


So bright idea #1 was not exactly as planned, but still a partial success, I’d say.  Even though the $7.99 balloon escaped and flew far far away, I’d say it was a worthy cause.


Bright idea #2 was breakfast for dinner tonight.  Since the boys are gone and one girl was out I scrambled 6 eggs and made a pound of turkey bacon for the 3 of us left at home.  After the last egg fluff was consumed Big Girl and 2 buds showed back up clamboring for dinner and a movie since their outdoor event was “sprinkled” out.  So they are on my couch watching a movie and eating turkey bacon and popcorn and Mike & Ike’s on the side.  It’s a Virginia October Peanuts Thanksgiving! 


I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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