All Summer Long


I canNOT beLIEVE it has taken me THIS LONG to connect these dots.


Earlier this summer I posted about my song-slaying family members.  Dot #1


Last week I lamented with another Christian Mom about Kid Rock’s WerewolvesofLondon/SweetHomeAlabama song…how catchy it is though the lyrics are horrendously embarrassing.  Dot #2


Sadly my kids know EVERY LINE to that song, as do I, and it turns my stomach.  Fortunately we had the debate about “smoking funny things” and the youngest two were adamant that it meant sticking weird things into a campfire.  So we went with that.

But it has taken me ALL SUMMER LONG and a month into fall to realize that if ever a song needed intentional slaying, it’s THIS one. 

I’ve already determined to sing: sippin Root Beer out the bottle.  The main line I am trying to find a suitable replacement for is about making something else out by the lake to our favorite song.  I sure wish there was a one-syllable word for dandelion necklaces.

While making muffins out by the sink to my favorite song this morning, I was running down the syllabic possibilities and coming up empty.  So I appeal to you, fellow song-slayers.  What can an upstanding family sing about making out by the lake to our favorite song, and still feel good about in the morning?

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