Freak Show Garb


So I’ve been talking smack to my kids about Halloween for several weeks,  threatening to dress up as a Hooter’s Grandma.  Except the shirt would say “Hangers” instead.  And I would stuff it.  And the shorts.  Because I just don’t think I can pull that off au naturale.  Say it ain’t so!


But in all my funny, I have neglected to figure out a real costume.  And we’ve been invited to a costume party.  So I’m at a loss.


This morning I heard a few cute ideas as I listened to Magic 105.1 online:

~Ceiling Fan (sweatshirt and a big #1 finger that says “Go Ceilings”)

~Cloudy with a chance of Showers (blue scrubs, with stretched out cotton balls & a squirt gun)

~Devil with a blue dress on

So what’s your vote?  Any more ideas?

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  1. Caroline went as a box of Mc Donalds french fries last year….adorable…or i went as a fairy God pig and grunted everyones wishes hmmmmmm

  2. I like devil with a blue dress on for you.
    The last time I dressed up, Honey and I were Zambeezi Warriors. The picture will be forthcoming on the blog at Halloween. It was 24 years ago.

  3. I like the Hooters/Hangers grandma idea! Next choice would be “Cloudy”~I could so see you with the squirt gun. Scrubs sound comfy to indulge in all the goodies.

    Whatever you choose~have fun!

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