Smile Bait


1)  The “Baby Come Back” mop commercials.  I just love that silly mop knocking over the oranges and flying through the parking lot.  I mean, who doesn’t want to be stalked by an old flame, deep down.  Come on, you know you do.  Admit it.  Your secret’s safe with me/us.  And the drama of that song just sends it.  Who sang that?  Firefall?  Little River Band? 

That’s enough for me,


2)  The eagle attack at the end of the Colbert Report opening sequence.  It squawks and comes RIGHT ATCHA!  Oh that makes me laugh out loud every single time.  Not just LOL.  I mean, LAUGH.  OUT LOUD.  Every time.  For real.  Even when I brace myself not to and pysche up that it’s getting old.  Nope.  Still funny.

3)  The radio beer commercials for “Real Men of Genius” and “Mr. Overly-Agressive Backyard Touch Football Player”  The serious voiceover, the wacky back up singer, the variety, pure advertising gold.

In other news:

 I’m a Mad Scientist now.  Well, an untrained Mad Scientist for some after-school programs in the area starting next week.  But I have to come up with a name for myself.  This isn’t really making me smile yet, but it is a fun task.  My preliminary name I came up with while interviewing with Helium Heath and Jupiter Jen was “Supersonic Shannon” but that took very little thought and is a rough draft, at best.  I may have to google a science dictionary or something to get some more ideas.  More on this line of work next week.  Until then…keep on smiling!

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  1. seriously, “mr overly aggressive backyard football player” I never heard that one. . . someone must have spied on Andy Rines’ back yard (complete with letters of absolution of liability in the later years/ post someone’s rib fracture)

    congrats on the wierd science thing.

    and by the way, what’s the name of the math team carey referred to on your facebook???

  2. I like the “Male College Cheerleader” man of genius. Reminds me of my dad. 🙂

    Also– I always giggle at the mop commercial too– but my favorite is the one with the swiffer duster and the mariachi band singing “baby come back”… that one always makes me laugh.

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