I blame Michael’s


So about 3.2 weeks ago the Big Girl and I went searching for “window paint.”  We were wanting to paint our car windows for the Big Game, which, of course, was the Virginia Beach Middle School City Soccer Championship to be held at the VB Sportsplex.  Right next door to the VB Amphitheatre.  It was originially slated for October 30 when someone realized that traffic may be a problem….


Obama rally draws thousands to Virginia Beach amphitheater

So then it was pushed to Nov. 5 and it got Nor’Eastered out.  

So finally the 3rd rescheduled Big Game Day arrived, sunny and brisk.  Kids and I went to town painting each window with sayings like “Who can?  Princess Ann can!”  and “Panther’s #1” and “Go Wes #9” and “You can do it!”

I made the ultimate mistake though.  I wrote “City Champs 2008” and because space was tight:




Cut to stadium.  The P.A. girls won 2-0.  What a way to start the night. 

The P.A. boys, though, were down by 2 at the half.  We had 7 shots on goal.  Independence Eagles had 3. 

Big Girl and I talked about how in real life a Panther would certainly munch an Eagle for a snack with ease.  “Although,” she reminded me, “…a cardinal “ate” a tiger in the World Series a few years ago.”   I had no comeback.  And turns out she was on to something.

Because in the 2nd half, despite the many showy defensive juke-outs my boy had over their star player, two plays were horribly sickening to watch. 

One was an attempted “clear” that took a rueful bounce off the goalpost and into the opposite corner. 

Another was an attempted step-over/kick back on a break away that he hustled his butt to get to…only for it to dribble unexpectedly forward instead of smoothly back in the opposite direction, setting up the long haired ethnic Eagle for another easy goal.  I turned to the father of my boy and asked, “So, does he get an assist for that one?”

Humility ain’t no fun, son.  City champs 2008?  Sorry but U no it. 

But at least the girls won. 

woo hoo.

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  1. Tell Wes he still rocks!! Wish I could’ve been there to see those defensive jukes. I, too, am impressed with the soccer mom lingo.
    luv to Hen Clan

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