Dead TV


I came home after kids on Thursday (AKA:  Survivor/Office night) to a quiet peaceful lack of blaring TV.  When I expressed my praise and gratitude that they found other things to do, they quickly shared that the TV was dead.  Oh, rats. 

This happens every year about this time.  We order a new bulb, install it ourownselves and presto…brains return instantaneously back to mush.  Hubby showed me that our Sears Protection Agreement expires on 11/16/08 so DON’T FORGET TO CALL and helpfully offered to put the number somewhere in my constant vision so I wouldn’t forget to call.  Gotta love ‘im. 

I called and ordered the “free” bulb.  Then I reupped our Protection Agreement.  Then I thought about bondage.

Because the whining that was happening in my head on Survivor/Office night sounded an awful lot like those annoying Israelites I keep reading so much about.    And I wondered exactly how I would feel if my very own “Moses” came and bashed every one of our TVs.  And computers.  And cell phones.  Telling me that it was time to move on and that I was used to being a “slave” but now it’s time for some freedom.  I’m sure that wouldn’t go over too well.

So I’m having a smidge more compassion for those pesky Israelites.  And enjoying the unexpected TV turn off weekend. 

Thank God for Facebook.

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  1. NOT on “The Office” night!!!! OH DEAR!

    Isn’t that sobering when you come face to face with yourself in the Bible, under the “what NOT to be” column?

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