Smells like 4th grade spirit


We have to remind the Youngest to bathe.

8th grade Soccer Boy has been on the daily going on 3 years now.  7th Grade Girl is up 2 hours before her departure to get the entire beautification process completed.  5th Grade Girl also needs ample time for post- cleanse hair-straightening.

But 4th kid, he needs the parental reminder. 

Since the comments from the Olders aren’t all that effective.

“Dude…you smell.”   


“I know.”

So this morning was The Day.  About 45 seconds after I walked into his room to wake him up, he met me in the kitchen with wet hair, clean jeans (he has picked up this hot tip–to NOT show up in the clothes he slept in–corroborates the illusion of cleanliness.  Sharp one, he).

It sorta reminds me of that Bill Cosby bit where his wife is ordering the children STEP BY STEP what to do after dinner (before the Beatings).  Go INTO the bathroom.  Take OFF your clothes.  Turn ON the water.  Use SOAP…

So he approaches me grinning like…well, like something that grins like they’re getting away with something.

“Smell me.”

“Did you wash your hair?”


“With what?”  (smells like wet boy head to me)

“I used the Man Shampoo.”

Well.  That explains a LOT.  Then tilts his head and says to himself  ‘Did I wash my arm?’  yeah  And he sticks out his arm for me to smell also. 

Oh you nasty boy.

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