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Blast From the Past…Exponentialized


OK you can NOT believe the day I’ve had today.

I was all set to blog about the David and Goliath antics from K-1 this morning…how “Goliath” really hammed it up and got the 1st grade boys so riled up that they all decided to attack him their own selves rather than allowing the practiced and carefully controlled “David” the privilege.  So instead of standing in place and politely saying “RRRRR” on cue as instructed, one Philistine Wild Thang gave our “dead” giant a textbook Pile Driver straight from WWF and then the other 27 Philistines AND Israelites just plain Piled On.  Of course the Executive Pastor had just peeked in about 45 seconds before that so he had the joy of walking away chuckling while I attempted to corral all that craziness.  Thank God his kid wasn’t there that service!

But I have an even BETTER story to share.  Also from today.

It begins with an email I received earlier in the week from some Rocky Top high school band buddies.  One of our fellow musicians has become a widow at the age of approximately 38.  The email asked for prayer as her husband died this week at age 41.

I returned home from church to an update on this family only to discover her address was included.

It is 3.4 miles from my house. 

So immediately I had the urge to drive right over there.  I’m not even sure at this point if I’m remembering the right classmate.  After all, the last time I saw her we were both wearing tri-point Patriot hats and it was pouring down rain.  Because more often than not, we were sitting, marching, waving flags and playing Rocky Top in the rain.  So 1000 doubts run through my mind.  Then a prayer.  “God, I want to go, but would you just let me know if YOU want me to go?” 

I remembered my Grown Up Sunday School lesson from this morning (just after the Pile Driver) about Rahab and how she just took the opportunity that was presented to her, helped the Israelite spies, made a deal with them and never looked back.  I hear the song playing on the radio “Dare you to move.”  And I know.  I’m not sure what this family needs.  I’m not sure what I can give, but I know I can listen and love and pray.

So I show up.  And I remember her.  And she remembers me.  But what happened next is what blew me away.  Her mom gave me a big Mom hug.  Her dad chatted me up about the town and the band and the drum major’s capes back in the day.  And I had a little taste of Home.  Complete with East TN diiiia-leccc(t).

My friend’s son is the age of my daughter and has a good friend on my older son’s soccer team.  Little sister knows all about Mad Science.  The family is moving forward and basking in God’s gracious provision and reveling in gratitude for the life of this wonderful son, daddy, husband and brother.

And I got to be there, just for moment such as this.

This is a very holy time for a family.  I saw a saying once “It is no small thing when those who are so fresh from God love us.”  The same is true for those who are fresh TO God.  Those loved and left are in a very special place in the palm of God’s hand.  I’ve been there.  Though God loves us and cares for us every single regular day, He has a special Place for us with Him when we’re in a heavy state of grief or trouble.  The Special Place doesn’t last as long as we’d like it to.  Kinda reminds me of the tents that Peter wanted to build up on the mountain after the transfiguration.  It’s not really a retreat if you stay there.  We gotta get back down to the valley.  But that Special Place is a sweet treasure and I’m glad I got to see them there in it and remember my time there as well.

God is GOOD.  ALL the time. 




His mercies are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness.


Take THAT you Giant o’Grief.  HUUUH!


Mad Science


So this is the most fun job EVER!  On Wednesday, I had Super Sticky Stuff training as well as Slime Time.  After which I was issued a most excellent lab coat, goggles, and a huge NASA-looking bin of everything I need to teach kids about adhesives, polymers, and the creation of slime in 55 short after school minutes.   Another training today and I’m good to go for the next 4 weeks at 2 elementary schools. 


I hope to do a run thru with my very own fam sometime this weekend.  For practice.

Supersonic Shannon is ready for action!