Over the River and Through the Woods


To Grandmother’s house we went!

You know how it is when you go on a trip, scurrying before you leave to get “everything” done?  And you know how it is when you get back and have twice as much to do since you were gone for several days? 

Me too.

But we had a FABULOSO time in the Hills with Grand & G-Daddy, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and Foreign Exchange Students from Brazil (Fred) and Germany (Katia).  So it was as international as that there H.O.P. 

It all began on Thanksgiving day as I sat on my BEhind for multiple hours watching the parade and Hubby at the grill.  Two–count em TWO turkeys destined for NC.  We ate ribs.

Chef Hubby


Oh yes, perceptive reader.  That is indeed bacon on the turkeys.  Mmmmm

So then we proceed to pack our intentional pajamas, many movies for the car, and our cold-weather clothes and trek 7 hours to West Jefferson, NC.  We barely beat the St. Louis contingent who left a day ahead of us.   But we did manage to make it just in time for some chocolate pecan pie.

Saturday morning found 19 of us on a mission to find the Best Christmas Tree Ever from the Cutest Little Tree Farm You Ever Did See.


The trees were so great and so cheap, that we bought four!  One for GrandView, one for Atlanta, one for St. Louis, and one for Virginia Beach!  We got to go on a hayride which stopped on the side of an actual Blue Ridge mountain and practically dumped us out like we were on the Titanic.  Only on dry land.  On a farm.  In a wagon.  And not actually life-threatening cold temperatures.  But we still managed some drama.  Shocking.


Then it was back to Grands for our ACTUAL Thanksgiving feast.  Total Yum Fest.


Cousin Taylor (GA) headed up the crew with cousin Darby (TX) and Bo and Whitney (VA).  They did an awesome job making Breyers coffee ice cream balls covered in crushed oreos with Grands fudge sauce on top.  (Grand was resting while the oreos were in crush mode).

THEN came football.  Next were showers.  Then before we knew it, it was CHRISTMAS!   There’s a lot to be said for celebrating early and saving on shipping costs.  All my sisters and neices (and Foreign Exchange Cousin) loved their Children of the World bracelets from cousin Anna Grace in Alabama!


Then after we all tucked our clean selves in for the night (7 in my room) we were up & packed and out the door for church by 8 a.m.  That’s EIGHT OF THE CLOCK.  Packed.  Dressed.  Prepared to worship.

Bethy & Bo were baptised by G-Daddy along with their cousin Chandler.  It was an awesomely wonderful Family ThanksChristgiving.


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  1. This trip sounds almost too magical! Are you sure you’re not embellishing?!? 🙂 I’m so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas with family! Hope everything else is great with you!

  2. thanks for leaving the Olivia hiccups out. How you just told it, that’s how I remember it, exactly!!
    love and miss you tons!

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