Under the Tunnel and through the Hills…


Now THAT’S what I call a Christmas partay!

After a whirlwind week of unpacking from NC and repacking for N VA, hauling kids around caroling and then back to some very hospitable neighbors, Hubby and I got to ride the mac-daddy Spectrum bus to The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.  33 of us co-workers and spouce/guests left the Spectrum parking lot at 6am on Saturday morning for the 5 hour drive.  The fun began with a riveting 2.3 minute game of Bingo, then it was on to the Christmas word search (which I won) and some maddening brain teasers (which I bailed).  Fortunately we were done before the long and winding road up the mountain.  I asked if Dramamine was going to be the prize for the next game.  No one laughed.

After a fabulous lunch buffet (next to the Virginia Young Republicans:  “Vote McDonnell”–thanks for the Hershey kisses–now THAT’S change we can ALL believe in) inspiring speeches WITH SCRIPTURE (can I get an AMEN!) by the bosses and team building cheers by the departments, complete with napkin pom-poms and a “pyramid,” we checked into our room and marveled at the view.

Homestead view

She is lovely, n’est ce pas?

I believe what happened was an almost overbookage at Ye Olde Homestead.  But not to fear…one Brave Leader…how shall I say this…potentially “ripped someone a new one” last week and voila–somehow we managed to get the pimped out rooms (note the appropriate use of current youth lingo.  A sure sign of the parent of a teenager). 

Just look at the porch off our suite:


                                                                     I mean,               Come.  On.

So then after a delightful nap, we went swimming at the naturally heated mineral water pool.  I have no picture because I know you are beginning to hate me. 

We walked around some before dinner, marvelling at the wine room,

 wine room

…the gingerbread village,


…and the giant REAL tree.  How did they get that in there?


So dinner and conversation was delightful.  My bargain blouse from Steinmart was deemed “funky” which gave me much joy.  I was pleased with my dessert choice (key lime pie) even though hubby wouldn’t share even one bite of his chocolate pecan pie, one of his coworkers gave me a bite of his.  We busted some moves on the dance floor even though I wore neither apple-bottom jeans, nor boots with the fur.  Chris had a killer AC/DC air-guitar solo.  And by solo, believe me when I say EMPTY DANCE FLOOR except for him.  And, for about 30 seconds, the DJ.  But Chris tromped him and sent him back to the turntables (?)  And, my darlin’, we looked wonderful tonight. 

I had a creative worship experience as I took a 45 minute Sunday morning swim.  Then instead of the $30/person (not-included) breakfast buffet we opted for a muffin and yogurt with a few others at Martha’s Market (AKA: “Recession Cafe”).  We found some great ornaments and thank you notes for the families who had put up with our children for what they may later admit was the longest 48 hours of their adult lives if they weren’t so darn polite, and it was around this time we began receiving various texts, “when r u gonna b home?”

After a brisk walk in the snow and some more general lolling…even the hallway OUTSIDE the spa is relaxing…


…it was time to board the bus for home.

I really should wind it up here, but I can’t resist sharing that we watched The Princess Bride and football on the way home and stopped at Panera for boxed lunches.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.  Or a weekend. 

Oh yeah…the kids were safe, had fun, and were even glad to see us too.  And we were all home in time for the Amazing Race finale. 


I don’t know WHY God is so good to me.  But let’s just say even though it was a killer Christmas party, it’s still Thanksgiving around here.


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  1. Hi Shannon!
    Ahhhhh~now I see the rest of the story! Whoa!!!!! God is so good to you because you are His Face, His Hands and His Heart for those of us who sometimes forget.


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