Low low low low low low low


Humility, in my experience  is never any fun.  but man, is it useful.  I would always rather be hearing applause and praise than be left alone to figure out how I could have done something better, completely different, or shouldn’t have at all done anything.  Or even worse, corrected.  (shudder)

Like, for example, when a kid’s mom complains that they are not having any fun or learning anything new in Mad Science.  (No offense to the teacher).  ((None taken)).  (((Yeah right))).  Or like when you get invited over to someone’s house who KNOWS how to decorate, hasn’t moved 12 times in 1 marriage, and is (get this) WISE with their money.  Humbling.  No fun.

BUT there’s a bright side to humility.  Wait for it…wait for it…oh yeah…now I remember.  God likes the humble ones.  Of course God loves everyone, but He LIKES the humble.  He USES the humble.  We are the stable.  Have you ever figured that one out before?  Because it’s new to me this year.  We are the stable.  Or we ARE TO BE the stable. 

That dirty smelly stable was not the greatest place for a baby to be born.  A King should not have to be humble.  The creator of the universe could’ve MADE something…a brand new garden, perhaps, for His Baby to be born in, put down on, and cuddled for his first human moments.  But no.  The trough wet with animal spit ( I KNOW!  I’m talkin’  HUM.  BLE.) was not exactly what Mary had in mind for her very first baby.  And how ’bout that Heavenly Plus Sign she had?  Greetings from On High.  You are a faithful nobody who God knows will cooperate.  That’s why you were chosen.  Congratulations.  But I digress…back to the stable.

We are the stable.  Smelly with sin and bad choices.  Filled with animalistic desires.  More food.  Time to rest.  Do I have to work?  AGAIN?  I just worked yesterday.  Oh, alright, but I’m not gonna cooperate.  Moo.  Hee Haw.  Baaa.  I know what the cutesy nativities display, but do you really think the animals cared beyond a fleeting “Well, that’s something new? ”   I think it was quickly back to the cud-chewing.  Just like me.

So I’m TRYING to think of humility as a gift.  It prepares me for something AWEsome to come and be in me so that I can be better than I was.  Recognized in the Heavenlies.  Because I can scrub the barn down, change out the hay and shovel the manure all myself, but that can not compare to just being humble, useful and chosen for a special dwelling.  Even if I’m not the best or most appropriate choice.   I am the stable.  Be the stable.


Humble Advent to ya~


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