Come on in and set a spell…


Hey there faithful friends who are dear to us! 

Thanks for gathering near to us! 

Once more!!

Here’s the door:


Thanks for coming over on Christmas Eve. 

You must surely be busy.  Have you heard from Steve?

Do you have your stockings hung by the chimney with care? 

Don’t worry, cause Santy Clause is already there!


Wanna see some favorite things?  

Like skaters who move and angels who sing?


These skaters can move–I’m not toying!

But we turn down the music since it sooon gets annoying.



The angels don’t match but they all sing with glee. 

They scared those poor shepherds but they don’t scare me!


“Why all the singing?”  One might say,

It’s all for the baby asleep on the hay.

But where are the shepherds?  The camels?  The mule?


They’re on PS2 cuz they’re so darn cool.

(Actually they’re all broken but somehow work together,

I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhether).


The baby of God, with Mary and Joe,

With a sheep and a donkey and no place to go.


Baby Jesus was given amazing gifts–three.

The wise men brought presents, and now, so do we.


Merry Christmas, my friends. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Birthday to Jesus.  You are GOOD. 

Happy sigh.

OH WAIT!   I almost forgot to add my RECIPE!

Don’t worry with writing it down.

They’re so simple to make, and easy and cheap,

You’ll be driving them all over town.

Just take a Ritz cracker, smear it with Jif & top it with a friend,

Melt yummy almond bark, dip with a fork, bang away until the dripping will end.

Then sprinkle with abandon, red and green sugars,

Or rainbow pareils to make them look merry,

Set on wax paper to dry, guard them with your life,

And to teachers and exchanges, do carry!



2 responses »

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Friend Shannon in Virginia Beach!
    I wish I could hug you, but you are out of my reach!
    So I’ll send you a blog hug, and and a blog kiss, one each!

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