Camera Bait 2008


This idea is from the blogroll of a friend of a friend,  In no specific order, let’s just call it stream of consciousness and picture browsing (be warned, there are a few more than 10…just a few):


I just took this picture on Friday on Coosaw Island, SC with my new Christmas-present camera.  It makes up for the fact that I am in 0% of this year’s Christmas morning pictures.  I spent every Christmas at this place from 1968 to 1998 then had a 4-kids-in-Michigan hiatus for a while or 10 years.  It was SOOOO good to be back.  I can’t stop gazing at that shot.

bethy This was taken the first week we lived in Virginia Beach.  Instead of unpacking or sleeping in that long-awaited First Week of Summer, my kids all agreed to work at VBS at our new church.  Rising 5th grader was delighted to have a job instead of lame crafts (her words).  Volunteering doesn’t pay in dollars but the benefits are out of this world. 


Who doesn’t love getting gussied up in a funky shirt at a fancy place not so fancy that you can’t kick off the boots you wore down there and dance with your hubby of 17 years?


This is the fancy place–The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.  It even snowed!  BREATHTAKING.


My sweet sis and her sweet family.  Even though Heath is looking down, it’s just because he cares for the girl so very much.  Very VERY extremely cute of all 3 a-dem.


Sis took this picture of Bo prepping for baptism with his G-Daddy on Thanksgiving weekend.  It was so awesome to have everyone together from Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis and Virginia Beach!


This tree is from the yard of the church where I attended Bible Study with my newborn 4th kid and his three siblings ages: Barely 2, 3.5, and 5-but-not-yet-in-kindergarten in the Fall of 1999.  We attended through May 2008 and one by one they each graduated and then so did I.  Through the wonder of technology, someone snapped this shot on their phone, sent it to someone’s facebook page which I pawned it from as if it is my own. 

I kinda feel like it is, in a way. 

I wasn’t sure what God had waiting for me in Virginia, but I can now say with certainty that HE has been BUSY making GREAT PEOPLE for me to meet and my family to meet down here:


These are the youth leaders who He shaped and placed and called to work with MY teenagers!  Can’t you just feel His equipping and capable power?


Here is the kitchen I left behind in Michigan.  It was my dream kitchen and dream home for that matter.  It is still sitting there, unused and unloved on Quail Run Drive.  But it is getting a revamp courtesy of a busted pipe last week.  God will bring someone to love this home and in the meantime…

canalsunrise He is kind and thoughtful and generous and creative enough to comfort me with His morning sky.

“You give and take away…”

We went from Ice Festival in Plymouth, MI in February…


…to Neptune Festival in September in Virgina Beach this year:


We spent a lot of time on the road to soccer tryouts, soccer practices, soccer games, and soccer tournaments.   This was taken after Olympic Development Program tryouts. 


(He made it!)


And Dear Daughter has delightedly discovered that there are water sports invented just for Slug Bugs.

And with that, I believe I am well over my Top Ten photos.  Here’s to more Kodak Moments in 2009!


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Shannon! What a fun idea! I’m inspired to go down to dig through my CMemories stuff right now…but first I must eat =0). I have a scoop~not pregnant =0) but what’s your new phone number??
    Love Ya!

  2. What delightful pictures! I am sorry you had to leave your dream kitchen! Your kids are adorable and look like so much fun! I hope I am a Mom like you when Kaish is a little older : ). I can just tell you are the coolest!

  3. Love, love, LOVE them all!!! I’m so glad you are feeling a little more like a Virginian!
    Love the new camera pictures!
    I drove by the house one day. It looked lonesome.

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