Does Anybody Really Know What Day it is?


Don’tcha just love time off?

The sleeping in, the breakfast at 11:30, the shower at 3:00…

But for the life of me I don’t know what day it is.  And then once I figure it out, I quickly forget moments later.

But I do love the carefulness with which I am writing “2009” on stuff like deposit slips and checks. 

That’ll pass.

So today I put away laundry, worked on a Mad Science teacher database, re-applied for Virginia Beach teaching positions and whipped up three or so kings (gifts made separately) for the K-1 stage at church. 

AND I figured out that it is FRIDAY today.  That makes tomorrow SATURDAY, even though YESTERDAY felt like Saturday to me.  Go figure.

And a Saturday with NO football or soccer games, practices, or tournaments!  Whatever shall I do?

Our New Year’s Rocking Eve 2008 was loads of fun as we gathered with some new family friends for dinner at Tiajuana Flats tiajuana-flats

(we took up the ENtire restaurant) and games back at the Brave Family’s abode.  Hubby and I played a thoughtful and provoking round of Pen-A-Caption-For-A-New-Yorker-Cartoon-And-Hope-Yours-Is-The-Best-One.  Then the teens & tweens graciously allowed us old folks the privilege of participating in a Karaoke tournament on the Wii.  Daughter and I sang “Living on a Prayer.”

We were not the best.

While Hubby and Friend busted a little “Jenny/867-5309.”

Neither were they.

Then we counted down, toasted, hugged and kissed each other and followed that up by watching some half-baked lunatic jump a motorcycle on AND OFF a building.  There was blood…but not too much.

On (what day was it?) Thursday, January 1, 2009 I went in search of some more beauty.  Because I’m still stunned from the SC scenery and I just had a craving and felt sure there’s some around me and my camera to be found here too.  Sadly, my batteries died.  Probably from the overdose of me scrolling through the boat/marsh/kid pictures several times daily from Christmas on.  But I got a few:


2009 is off to a great start ya’ll!


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  1. It’s a good thing my family reminded me yesterday that it was Friday, or SERIOUSLY, I would have gotten them up for church this morning! I was thrilled to have another day off!
    Happy New Year!

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