Joy Surprises


It was just Saturday that I was spewing drama to the Sis in MO, realizing as I process outloud that I am at the end of my rope with all this newness and unpacked stuff and rackafrackin people. 

“I’ll pray that you get some joy surprises…and SOON!”

So…guess what happened yesterday? 

I heard from a MI now IN friend who was on their way to my house!  Bringing me JOY!  In the form of ADORABLE PINK SANDALS!

MI-IN friend was the one I turned to, a week after my MI-VA move which was also the week before their MI -IN move (imagine!  the NERVE!)  to go to some store I couldn’t remember the name or exact location of, and GET ME THOSE GREEN SANDALS I SAW IN THE WINDOW!!!!

She SO did.

And THEN, unbenownst to me, she proceeded to get me a pink pair also.  She packed them.  She moved them, she UNPACKED them (this is key), and sent them with her darling husband to his new job at Notre Dame asking him to please send them to me.  He of course agreed with pleasure. 

Weeks went by.  Months even. 

The pink shoes remained in (or on) the new guy’s desk surrounded by All Things Irish.

Eventually (over the holidays) NeighborFriend Husband somehow found the courage to admit to NeighborFriend Wife that he hadn’t actually sent the pink sandals yet.  Though it’s been 3 months.  So she probably gritted her teeth and strongly encouraged him, with love, to freakin’ DRIVE THEM THERE if you have to, or so help me… 

Which he totally did.  Yesterday.  Just when I needed the joy.



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  1. Oh Shannon =0) ~ for the joy you bring to everyone~it was fun to send a little joy to you~and read about it!! You make everything sound just so much more entertaining. What a Gift!


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