What Time is it? (A nod to Morris Day)


Dude where does the time go?

I canNOT believe it’s been a week since I posted last.  You just don’t EVEN understand that:

 a)  I CONSTANTLY compose blog ramblings in my head…at least the opening sentences.  I mean CONSTANTLY throughout the day. EVERY day.

b)  My computer hates me.  And so does the other one.  One won’t stay online once I attempt to add a picture, and the other one won’t stay online long enough to type more than 3 sentences. 

c)  I’m easily frustrated when it comes to computers.  Oh, and d)  I forget that I haven’t ACTUALLY published all those head ramblings and operate under the impression that you are all Reading My Mind.   Which would be SO much easier on me.  Look into that, wouldja?

Even though we had a snow day WITHOUT ANY SNOW I sadly failed to conquer either one of the computers.  Until today.

There’s so much to say I’m overwhelmed so here’s a list of topics:

~Playlist ideas (I added mine WAY down on the 80-some-odd comments at http://thebigmamablog.com/index.php/2009/01/20/there-also-may-be-some-marky-mark-and-the-funky-bunch-on-the-list/ yesterday.  SO FUN!  MUST.  GET.  IPOD.  I broke down and got Single Ladies on my phone for those random times at Super WalMart where I just need to shake it.  There were/are MANY good suggestions from MANY people in the comments of 1/21/09 on The Big Mama Blog.  LOVE her.

~Inauguration thoughts/impressions/predictions  I coaxed this from a friend of mine who LOVES a SOAPBOX and got some good giggles.  Although that friend was completely serious.  (I do love the passionate ones).  I may be tempted to get permission and copy & paste some excerpts…if that friend doesn’t mind.  I’m not making fun, I swear.  I don’t completely agree, either, it’s just I love a good turn of phrase to get a point across.  No matter the point.

~Snow or Lack Thereof  Not really missing it.  Well, maybe a little.  How weird is the beach when it’s cold?   You’d think God would just shut it down like so many waterparks, but even yesterday there were some wackadoodle surfers out at 14th street by the pier.  Strange birds, those surfer dudes in Virginia.  But I did get to have an all-day-ministry planning meating on the 10th floor oceanfront eating chocolate covered almonds.  So life can’t be all bad, right?

~Kid Stuff–At the moment my 12 year old is learning to play “All Right Now” by Free on the electric guitar.  It is really fun to recognize an intentional tune that your kid is picking up.  Also speaking of rock stars, my 14 year old is one on the soccer field.  He’s playing for “The Academy” (whatever that means in Virginian) and going to nationals in OH in a few weeks with a different team and I’m thinking of coming along.  That is a FUN bunch of parents!  5th grader is grounded due to breaking her 5:30/dark curfew.  I’m sure we’ll get THAT all figured out before she’s 16.  Rooooiiiight.  4th grader got a note sent home yesterday and by “note” I mean “end-of-her-rope-letter-with-several paragraphs.” Good times with Mrs. Grimes but no crimes.  (Yet).

~Fiction  I just wrote a “new ending” to a funny thing that happened in high school (funny to me…not to the person it happened to) on my friend’s facebook page.  We used to do this all the time in the Band Room–make up stories mostly having to do with boys at some point.   Leave a comment if you want the WHOLE story….you won’t be sorry.

Hope things are fun in your world today!


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