A Funny Thing Happened at Church/Soccer


So I was in the midst of teaching kids by-way-of-Bible-story-video last Saturday night when my husband (who knows better than to text me during service) texted me during service.   He was with The Boy at a middle school gym across town from a) the church and b) our house.

“Wes left his shoes at home.”


How am I supposed to help with this?  Now I have ministry to conduct, a family problem across town, AND a tween daughter glaring at me with the whole “I thought we weren’t ALLOWED to text in church MOOOOOM”  look on her face.


Another text.  DURING service.  From the man who never texts me.  Or calls.  Ever.  Unless the school mistakenly calls him first because someone needs to be picked up.   But this time it’s a picture.


Yes, that’s Big Man Jr. Rock Star Soccer Pro in the Making, Scholarship-practically-in-the-mail-already-before-he even-starts-highschool ego-having 14 year old son tying on his little sister’s kicky camoflauge Converse tennies.  

Humility via technology is a wonderful thing to watch someone else endure.  Even during church. 

Oh, and they lost.


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