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Hello, yeah, it’s been a while…not much, how ’bout you?


Misheard lyrics.

Chronic lyricosis.

Unintentional Song Slaying.

We’ve all heard them.  We’re all guilty of singing them.

I heard this morning on the radio that there’s an actual word for this occurance which comes from a 17th century ballad with the line,

“And laid him on the green

Which, like all good mixed up words turned into:

“And Lady Mondegreen”


So on 97.3 Doug FM this morning, the 9 at 9:00 was dedicated to Mondegreens, which made me smile.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear them all…so help me out with what I may have missed.  Here’s my Mondegreen Pop Quiz for you dedicated Automatic7 readers and lurkers.  The mondegreen is in bold.  Put the correct lyric in the comments and then maybe add one of your own favorite lyric.  Good clean Thursday musical fun.

1.  ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy. (Purple Haze)

2.  I’m not talkin’ bout the linen/and I don’t wanna change your life/

but there’s a warm wind blowin the stars around/and I’d really love to see you tonight

3.  Sharlene don’t like it/rock the cash bar, rock the cash bar

4.  Hold me close now Tony Danza/count the headlights on the highway

Now a few from my personal stash:

5.  You won’t get to see the tears I cry/ Hide the Saydle I

And my new personal favorite from Carribean Queen:

6.  She touched my knee and blamed it on James

And don’t forget all the hymn possibilities out there.  Ask your kid what THEY think we’re singing on Sunday in traditional church.  You’ll have a long list in no time!

7. Lead on oh kinky turtle

Hit me with your best shot in the comments!

Shuffle Fun


Step 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ipod,etc. on shuffle.

Step 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Step 3. Write down the name of each song as you work your way through the questions. If they don’t really make sense, go to the next one that does.

IF SOMEONE SAYS ‘ARE YOU OKAY’ YOU SAY?  One Flight Down — Norah Jones

one flight down/there’s a song on low/

and it’s been there playing all along/

now you know, now you know

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?  Smile in My Heart — Rockapella

got a smile in my heart for you/

smile in my heart for you/

got a smile in my heart for you that never dies

WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY?  Let’s Groove –  Earth Wind & Fire

I’ll be there afterwhile if you want my love/we can boogie on down

HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?  Agony (reprise)  from “Into the Woods”

She has skin white as snow/Did you learn her name?


There’s a dwarf standing guard…

dwarves are very upsetting

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE?  Humble Me — Norah Jones

Baby’s in the back seat/still fast asleep/dreamin’ of better days.

WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO?  Right Now — Van Halen

Come on, it’s everything/

catch that magic moment…what are you waiting for?

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU?  Everybody Got Their Something — Nikka Costa

Takin’ off my glasses/slowflakes in my lashes


You know the future’s looking brighter every morning when

I get up

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT OFTEN?  Amazing Grace — Mission

(VERY rock/blues-y version! Check it out on iTunes Album title = Eucharist)

Through many dangers, toils & snares I have already come…

WHAT IS 2 + 2?  Comfortable — John Mayer

She thinks I can’t see the smile that she’s faking/

and poses for pictures that aren’t being taken/

I loved you/gray sweatpants/no makeup/ so perfect


I’m gonna pull my pony up hitch my wagon to your star

You’ve got a real fine love/you’ve got a real fine love/one I am unworthy of

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY?  No One Is Alone  — “Into the Woods” Cast Recording

Sometimes people people leave you half way through the wood/

others may deceive you/you decide what’s good/

you decide alone/ but no one is alone

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?  8th Wonder — Sugarhill Gang

To all of the people who are ready to jam

Scream it out and say

I AM!   I AM! 

Somebottie!  SOMEBOTTIEEE!

Now ya know ya hot!


Hold on Loosely — 38 Special  (SUCH good advice…in so many areas) 

If you cling too tightly/you’re gonna lose control


Peanut Butter Jelly Time  (Radio Version)  — Chip-Man & The Buckwheat Boys

Where (s)he at?  Where (s)he at?  Where (s)he at?  Where (s)he at?

Now day (s)he go!  Day (s)he go!  Day (s)he go!  Day (s)he go! 


WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST?  Every Day I Write The Book — Elvis Costello

Even in a perfect world where everything was equal

I’d still own the film rights and be working on the sequel


WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?  Brick House — Commodores

She’s mighty mighty just lettin it all hang out


WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET?  The Sweet Escape — Gwen Stefani

I’m at my lowest boiling point/come help me out/I need to get me out of this joint/come on let’s bounce


WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW?  Another Time, Another Place — Sandi Patty & Larnell Harris

I’ve grown so tired of earthly things/they promise peace and furnish pain

All of life’s sweetest joys combined could never match those in another time


WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS?    Gratitude — Nicole Nordeman

Fill our cups and fill them up again tonight/

wrap us up and warm us through/tucked away beneath our sturdy roof

let us slumber safe from danger this time…

Oh the differences that often are between what we want and what we really need


Way Back Whensday


Oh the joy of Way Back Whensday!

I was talking with BoyKid’s 4th grade teacher this week who was telling me that her first year teaching she had 7th graders.  She went home crying every day.

I only cried once or twice the year I had the sweet faces below in St. Cloud, FL.  I was in WAY over my head and couldn’t believe ANYONE would want their kid in my class.  They turned out okay, I guess.  To this day I haven’t seen any of them on COPS or Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil.  But then again, I don’t watch those shows…


 By my careful calculations, they would be 26 or 27 right about now.  Heavy sigh.

Hey Yo it’s a BIG BACK YARD!


It all started with an invitation to sub for Bunco. 

For the uninformed, bunco is a dice game with EXACTLY 12 people–no more, no less, hence my use of the capitalized “EXACTLY.”  You roll your dice (“and take your chances”–Nathan Jessup: A Few Good Men)  and rotate partners and foursomes for a few hours.  There’s also good chatting and constant snacking so it’s a hit with the 40-80 somethings.  A fellow wild & crazy soccer mom called me The Day Of to sub for her wild & crazy group.  “We’re piling in my Suburban and going out there at 6:00.” 

Sounds good.

Only I didn’t know “going out there” meant  travelling 30+ minutes away to East Bumble Chesapeake.   No worries, though.  We had a fine time chatting amongst ourselves and stopping along the way to pick up other carpoolers I didn’t know, as well as the most mouth-watering scrumptuloso parmesan chicken wings EVAH.  Since I only knew my one soccer mom, I got to chatting up the other ladies in the ‘burban and we were having a good ol’ time before we even got there.


And then…


My mind was blown.



We pull up in the driveway in East Bumble Chesapeake and behold, a Michigan liscence plate.  Huh.

The parents of the hostess were there visiting from Michigan.  They live in Brighton.  Interesting. 


The hostess welcomed us in and I KNEW that I knew her from somewhere.  Not here.  We looked at each other curiously for a few minutes and guessed a few times:

Gymboree?  No

Church?  Nuh uh

Pampered Chef?  Don’t think so.

So she moved on to her hostess duties and I chatted up the Michigan parents.

Me:  I just moved from Plymouth. 

The Parents:  Oh, really?  We lived in Ridgewood West.


Them, namely the Mom:  I was an office assistant at Canton High School.


Then I TOTALLY remembered her, the mom,  walking me from the Canton High School office to the drama department to ask about tickets for Into The Woods…was that 2 springs ago?  I believe so. 


But WAIT!  There’s MORE!



Back to the hostess.  She heard me talking about Plymouth and Canton High School and asked if I had ever signed up my kids at the Cultural Center (which I had to think about because we always called it the Ice Skating Place).  Yes!  Yes I DID sign up my kids for rec. soccer, hockey, skating, and a myriad of other events at the Plymouth Cultural Center!  With HER! 


The hostess of the Bunco in East Bumble Chesapeake where I was asked to sub just hours before was the lady who signed up my kids and took my checks and offered me pens seasonally from 2003-2008 in the frozen tundra of Plymouth, MI 48170.



We sing a song at church called “God’s  Big Backyard.” 

Which I TOTALLY prefer over “I. A. S. W. A. A”  (The pesky Disney song that worms its way into your head). 

Hey, yo!  It’s a BIG BACK YARD!

Hey, yo!  A really BIG BACK YARD!

Everybody’s serving and doing their part,

And we all get together in the BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BACK YARD!

Fluently Spoken Here


I’m not that much into Valentine’s DAY so much, but I love me some hearts all the live-long year.   They are found scattered to and fro all around our abode.


Refrigerator magnets, dishtowels…




Arwork by the girl.


I also love this poster that is in our laundry room.


If love can be found in the laundry room, well, then, it can be found anywhere. 


I would wear a heart necklace every single day if I could.


I hope you find yourself surrounded by love today!

Hey Thirteen


Today is the day that I became a mom of more than one.  First Daughter was born this day in 1996.  Which makes her a teenager today.  But come with me on a sentimental journey.

In the interest of sharing/keeping the joy and avoiding the whine-age, I will graciously skip over the better part of 1996 until the point where I discovered Pink Gold in the form of Mylicon Drops.  Oh, happy day.


Here she is with brother on her first birthday.  What cuties they are!  She wasn’t walking yet, hence the sparkling white bootie bottoms.  She had the cutest little hat that matched this outfit, but refused to keep it on.

whitneyaudreyAge Two…the Gymboree Years.  This is sweet Audrey who loves her friend.  Don’t you just love finding friends you love that have  kids you love who love your kids too?


Age 4 at the Wilmington, NC Children’s Hand’s On Museum.  Some MI church friends of ours made the 20+ hour drive to visit us.  We had such a fun week with 7 kids under 4 and 3 moms in one household!


9th birthday “ROCK DIVAS”  with Little  Sis (age 7) at Libby Lu in Novi, MI.


With TX cousin and GA cousin age 11, 2007.  Post braces, pre-glasses.

whitney1Today in her natural habitat.

Playing “When the Children Cry” before school on her 13th birthday.

I just love being her mommy.

Way Back Wednesday (plus one)


My friend capriK and her friend capriDeb have come up with the fabulous idea of Way Back Wednesday.  As always, I’m coming late to the party but here we go:

Shannon's 5th birthday

Shannon's 5th birthday

This picture was taken at the preschool Children’s Development Center at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN on February 7, 1973.  I’m the one in the Amythest full on dress-to-the-foor party frock handmade for that occasion.  Not only did I graduate from high school with the two adorable shiny haired gentlemen to my left  as well as the young lady in the orange long sleeve sweater, but they were also at our 10 and 20 year reunions.  Alan (in stripes) flies a charter plane for restaurant executives.  Mark (in white #7) is an Environmental Engineer and Cheryl was recently widowed.  The gal in green (Paula) has been a life long friend as well.  On a high school mission trip we washed our hair in the rain in our bathing suits in a church parking lot and years later I crashed her wedding (long story) as well as keeping in touch on facebook. 

How’s that for Way Back WednesdayonaThursday?

I didn’t forget the lyrics


How can you forget the lyrics that you never knew?

Apparantly this morning is Figure Out The Lyrics Morning in my bathroom because I just heard two songs, back to back which I THOUGHT I knew by heart but figured out a lyric IN EACH that I never knew I never knew!


Don’t you want me?

You know I can’t believe you when I hear that you won’t see me.

(That part I knew).

But here’s the mystery lyric that I’ve been singing wrong for 20someodd years:

The five days we have had have been such good times/I still love you.

I’m so proud!  I can’t believe I didn’t know that!  I think I was singing:

Thefibaywe & had…

“Five days” makes way more sense. 

And THEN the very next song on the radio….  I almost can’t bear to admit the shame…Don’t Stop Believing.

Some’ll win/Some will lose/Some were born to sing the blues.

to which I USED to sing since 1981:

Summon all to sing the blues. 

(At least THOSE are actual words). 

But the JOY of getting the lyrics correct!  Impossible to describe.


There should be a game show about that.


Happy Monday ya’ll!

I love Mondays.  Because in the church world, the weekends…not so down-time-ish.   So I woke up this morning with my Typical Monday Internal Conversation:

I could go for a walk.

I could go to Curves. 

I could go swim at the Rec Center.

None of which sounded more appealing than rolling over in the bed and continuing the conversation:

I could take a shower.

I need to sign the report cards.

Is there any milk in the house?

And then, just like that, the riveting internal conversation was over and it was time to forge ahead fast-forward like into Getting Kids Ready for School mode.

Thank GOD no one’s sick today.

So here I am.  Showered and almost ready.  Undecided on the whole exercize thing.  Fluctuating wildly between spending some quality time with my long neglected iTunes account or getting “ahead” with aforementioned nonessential work on a Monday or going to the bookstore for another Jodi Picolt novel.  Then there’s the weekend kitchen wreckage greeting me…which I could totally tackle while watching the Grammy’s on DVR.  Hmmmmmm

I must say…as much as I loved my babies & toddlers…there’s a lot to be said for a part-time worker’s Monday when big kids are in school.

Happy Monday ya’ll!