Happy Monday ya’ll!

I love Mondays.  Because in the church world, the weekends…not so down-time-ish.   So I woke up this morning with my Typical Monday Internal Conversation:

I could go for a walk.

I could go to Curves. 

I could go swim at the Rec Center.

None of which sounded more appealing than rolling over in the bed and continuing the conversation:

I could take a shower.

I need to sign the report cards.

Is there any milk in the house?

And then, just like that, the riveting internal conversation was over and it was time to forge ahead fast-forward like into Getting Kids Ready for School mode.

Thank GOD no one’s sick today.

So here I am.  Showered and almost ready.  Undecided on the whole exercize thing.  Fluctuating wildly between spending some quality time with my long neglected iTunes account or getting “ahead” with aforementioned nonessential work on a Monday or going to the bookstore for another Jodi Picolt novel.  Then there’s the weekend kitchen wreckage greeting me…which I could totally tackle while watching the Grammy’s on DVR.  Hmmmmmm

I must say…as much as I loved my babies & toddlers…there’s a lot to be said for a part-time worker’s Monday when big kids are in school.

Happy Monday ya’ll!


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