I didn’t forget the lyrics


How can you forget the lyrics that you never knew?

Apparantly this morning is Figure Out The Lyrics Morning in my bathroom because I just heard two songs, back to back which I THOUGHT I knew by heart but figured out a lyric IN EACH that I never knew I never knew!


Don’t you want me?

You know I can’t believe you when I hear that you won’t see me.

(That part I knew).

But here’s the mystery lyric that I’ve been singing wrong for 20someodd years:

The five days we have had have been such good times/I still love you.

I’m so proud!  I can’t believe I didn’t know that!  I think I was singing:

Thefibaywe & had…

“Five days” makes way more sense. 

And THEN the very next song on the radio….  I almost can’t bear to admit the shame…Don’t Stop Believing.

Some’ll win/Some will lose/Some were born to sing the blues.

to which I USED to sing since 1981:

Summon all to sing the blues. 

(At least THOSE are actual words). 

But the JOY of getting the lyrics correct!  Impossible to describe.


There should be a game show about that.


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