Way Back Wednesday (plus one)


My friend capriK and her friend capriDeb have come up with the fabulous idea of Way Back Wednesday.  As always, I’m coming late to the party but here we go:

Shannon's 5th birthday

Shannon's 5th birthday

This picture was taken at the preschool Children’s Development Center at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN on February 7, 1973.  I’m the one in the Amythest full on dress-to-the-foor party frock handmade for that occasion.  Not only did I graduate from high school with the two adorable shiny haired gentlemen to my left  as well as the young lady in the orange long sleeve sweater, but they were also at our 10 and 20 year reunions.  Alan (in stripes) flies a charter plane for restaurant executives.  Mark (in white #7) is an Environmental Engineer and Cheryl was recently widowed.  The gal in green (Paula) has been a life long friend as well.  On a high school mission trip we washed our hair in the rain in our bathing suits in a church parking lot and years later I crashed her wedding (long story) as well as keeping in touch on facebook. 

How’s that for Way Back WednesdayonaThursday?


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