Hey Thirteen


Today is the day that I became a mom of more than one.  First Daughter was born this day in 1996.  Which makes her a teenager today.  But come with me on a sentimental journey.

In the interest of sharing/keeping the joy and avoiding the whine-age, I will graciously skip over the better part of 1996 until the point where I discovered Pink Gold in the form of Mylicon Drops.  Oh, happy day.


Here she is with brother on her first birthday.  What cuties they are!  She wasn’t walking yet, hence the sparkling white bootie bottoms.  She had the cutest little hat that matched this outfit, but refused to keep it on.

whitneyaudreyAge Two…the Gymboree Years.  This is sweet Audrey who loves her friend.  Don’t you just love finding friends you love that have  kids you love who love your kids too?


Age 4 at the Wilmington, NC Children’s Hand’s On Museum.  Some MI church friends of ours made the 20+ hour drive to visit us.  We had such a fun week with 7 kids under 4 and 3 moms in one household!


9th birthday “ROCK DIVAS”  with Little  Sis (age 7) at Libby Lu in Novi, MI.


With TX cousin and GA cousin age 11, 2007.  Post braces, pre-glasses.

whitney1Today in her natural habitat.

Playing “When the Children Cry” before school on her 13th birthday.

I just love being her mommy.


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