Hey Yo it’s a BIG BACK YARD!


It all started with an invitation to sub for Bunco. 

For the uninformed, bunco is a dice game with EXACTLY 12 people–no more, no less, hence my use of the capitalized “EXACTLY.”  You roll your dice (“and take your chances”–Nathan Jessup: A Few Good Men)  and rotate partners and foursomes for a few hours.  There’s also good chatting and constant snacking so it’s a hit with the 40-80 somethings.  A fellow wild & crazy soccer mom called me The Day Of to sub for her wild & crazy group.  “We’re piling in my Suburban and going out there at 6:00.” 

Sounds good.

Only I didn’t know “going out there” meant  travelling 30+ minutes away to East Bumble Chesapeake.   No worries, though.  We had a fine time chatting amongst ourselves and stopping along the way to pick up other carpoolers I didn’t know, as well as the most mouth-watering scrumptuloso parmesan chicken wings EVAH.  Since I only knew my one soccer mom, I got to chatting up the other ladies in the ‘burban and we were having a good ol’ time before we even got there.


And then…


My mind was blown.



We pull up in the driveway in East Bumble Chesapeake and behold, a Michigan liscence plate.  Huh.

The parents of the hostess were there visiting from Michigan.  They live in Brighton.  Interesting. 


The hostess welcomed us in and I KNEW that I knew her from somewhere.  Not here.  We looked at each other curiously for a few minutes and guessed a few times:

Gymboree?  No

Church?  Nuh uh

Pampered Chef?  Don’t think so.

So she moved on to her hostess duties and I chatted up the Michigan parents.

Me:  I just moved from Plymouth. 

The Parents:  Oh, really?  We lived in Ridgewood West.


Them, namely the Mom:  I was an office assistant at Canton High School.


Then I TOTALLY remembered her, the mom,  walking me from the Canton High School office to the drama department to ask about tickets for Into The Woods…was that 2 springs ago?  I believe so. 


But WAIT!  There’s MORE!



Back to the hostess.  She heard me talking about Plymouth and Canton High School and asked if I had ever signed up my kids at the Cultural Center (which I had to think about because we always called it the Ice Skating Place).  Yes!  Yes I DID sign up my kids for rec. soccer, hockey, skating, and a myriad of other events at the Plymouth Cultural Center!  With HER! 


The hostess of the Bunco in East Bumble Chesapeake where I was asked to sub just hours before was the lady who signed up my kids and took my checks and offered me pens seasonally from 2003-2008 in the frozen tundra of Plymouth, MI 48170.



We sing a song at church called “God’s  Big Backyard.” 

Which I TOTALLY prefer over “I. A. S. W. A. A”  (The pesky Disney song that worms its way into your head). 

Hey, yo!  It’s a BIG BACK YARD!

Hey, yo!  A really BIG BACK YARD!

Everybody’s serving and doing their part,

And we all get together in the BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BACK YARD!


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  1. very cool, shannon. His hand is in everything we do and everyone we touch. See – you touched her life way up here and didn’t even know it at the time.

    love and kisses, Kimberlyn

  2. Hey Shannon, I just had to comment. I just read several days worth of entries and all I can say is GIRL, YOU KILL ME. I am sitting here laughing to myself while getting strange looks from George! Oh well, that’s nothing new!

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