Way Back Whensday


Oh the joy of Way Back Whensday!

I was talking with BoyKid’s 4th grade teacher this week who was telling me that her first year teaching she had 7th graders.  She went home crying every day.

I only cried once or twice the year I had the sweet faces below in St. Cloud, FL.  I was in WAY over my head and couldn’t believe ANYONE would want their kid in my class.  They turned out okay, I guess.  To this day I haven’t seen any of them on COPS or Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil.  But then again, I don’t watch those shows…


 By my careful calculations, they would be 26 or 27 right about now.  Heavy sigh.


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  1. I love the kid in the front row, right-hand side, green shirt! He (? I’m assuming) looks so excited about something! There’s one in every crowd! 🙂

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