Hello, yeah, it’s been a while…not much, how ’bout you?


Misheard lyrics.

Chronic lyricosis.

Unintentional Song Slaying.

We’ve all heard them.  We’re all guilty of singing them.

I heard this morning on the radio that there’s an actual word for this occurance which comes from a 17th century ballad with the line,

“And laid him on the green

Which, like all good mixed up words turned into:

“And Lady Mondegreen”


So on 97.3 Doug FM this morning, the 9 at 9:00 was dedicated to Mondegreens, which made me smile.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear them all…so help me out with what I may have missed.  Here’s my Mondegreen Pop Quiz for you dedicated Automatic7 readers and lurkers.  The mondegreen is in bold.  Put the correct lyric in the comments and then maybe add one of your own favorite lyric.  Good clean Thursday musical fun.

1.  ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy. (Purple Haze)

2.  I’m not talkin’ bout the linen/and I don’t wanna change your life/

but there’s a warm wind blowin the stars around/and I’d really love to see you tonight

3.  Sharlene don’t like it/rock the cash bar, rock the cash bar

4.  Hold me close now Tony Danza/count the headlights on the highway

Now a few from my personal stash:

5.  You won’t get to see the tears I cry/ Hide the Saydle I

And my new personal favorite from Carribean Queen:

6.  She touched my knee and blamed it on James

And don’t forget all the hymn possibilities out there.  Ask your kid what THEY think we’re singing on Sunday in traditional church.  You’ll have a long list in no time!

7. Lead on oh kinky turtle

Hit me with your best shot in the comments!


3 responses »

  1. I’m sorry, but I see ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with number2!
    I was WAY old before I figured out he was talking about “moving in”!
    Thought the same about 1 for a long while also.
    And my personal fave, The Carribean Queen!

    One time one of the kids asked me what “pull a goats ear” meant. I asked them to sing it for me. It was the Titanic song and the line was “and never let go til its gone” but it was her dramatic way of saying it ! Oh, we STILL laugh about that one!

    What ARE number 5 and 7???

  2. #5 is the Kelly Clarkson song, “Behind these HAZEL eyes”

    But I don’t know about the kinky turtle – must be a church song because that would be too ironic.

    Personally, I always liked “Tony Danza” over the real lyric “tiny dancer.”

    Someone took the supposed mondegreen of “kiss this guy” and made a website of misheard lyrics – http://www.kissthisguy.com/
    Intresting story on there about the Purple Haze lyrics – apparently Hendrix actually did say “kiss this guy” at some live shows…

    And where I went to college, we had a club called the Casbah – it was awesome and we did frequently rock it. 😉

  3. When my oldest was a precocious kindergartner, she came in one days and asked me how to spell “alimony.” It surprised me that she would know that word, so I asked her where she had heard it. Her response was, “You know, when you sing alimony-P! (L-M-N-O-P)
    Your blog always lightens my spirit. Thanks for the smiles.
    charlotte mcpherson

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