I think God says, “You’re welcome.”


It is now 10:14 am on Monday, March 2.    I just drove my gloomy 4th and 5th grader to school for their Two Hour Delay not-so-much-snow day.  As we pull up 5th grader says to me, “I think we have SOL (standards of learning) tests today…”  I laugh hysterically.

Thank you God for SCHOOL and TESTS and TRAINING and week-old pizza and 1/8th of a bag of Tostitos she’s willing to pack for her lunch.  And a CLEAN refillable Gatorade bottle.  And that the 4th grader is willing to buy his lunch.

But before that I opened the package that came on Friday from my Sonflower Sisters–highschool friends in 4 states who together sent me love, gifts, and words of encouragement (my love language).


But before that, I got into bed at 3:30 am in my clothes.

Thank you God for my driveway and my warm bed with my sleepy hubby in it and for this dry Virginia house with electricity.

But before that, I was piled with 9 other individuals, some of them in sweaty soccer uniforms and others quite gassy and vocal about it, along with all their stuff in CrazyLoud Soccer Mom’s “holds 7 comfortably” Suburban  for 2.75 hours. 


Thank you God for dry roads and power windows.

But before that I was driving from D. C. to Williamsburg through a blinding snowstorm in the tiny Honda coup of my verge-of-tears, completely freaked out, fellow soccer mom from Korea who has never seen or driven in snow or across Ohio or Pennsylvania or Maryland or West Virginia or Plain Old Virginia or even out of the City of Virginia Beach without her husband.

Thank you God for 14 winters worth of driving in Michigan snow and an inexplicable love for all things Honda.  And thanks for inventing salt and sand, and for the scientist who figured out that to sling them across slippery white roads would be helpful. 

But before that,  I drove safely under a downed power line and avoided hitting the Suburban With 7 Comfortably Seated and Belted passengers, one of which was my daughter, which had stopped completely in front of me while the Big Red Bob’s Flooring Van full of  U-14 soccer boys, one of which was my son, ever so gently skidded plum into it.

Thank you God for seatbelts and obedient-when-it-matters teenagers, however foul mouthed and overly confident they may be, and for the Navy Seal driver of my daughter’s vehicle and the God-fearing Trained Commercial driver of the Big SAFE Red Van with my son and his teammates in it.  And that duct tape can fix hanging down headlights and minorly jiggly bumpers.

But before that, the south bound lanes covered in 4″-6″ of white snowy slush kept getting blocked up with other accidents, tow trucks, 18 wheelers, sleepy midnight travelers and overconfident fast drivers. 

Thank you God for directing us safely through the snow, construction, and accidents; and that we never met even one car head-on while driving south in the north-bound lanes together.  Several different times.  And thank you for reuniting us with our 4th vehicle that we got separated from.  And for coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts at 1:00 a.m. nowhere close to home 12 hours after we began.

But before that, the horn of the Big Red Bob’s Flooring Van was stuck honking.  Not the on & off kind of honking.  The CONSTANT kind. 


Thank you God for gas station trash cans and snowball fights in shorts and for and simple solutions to pesky loud obnoxious warning sounds. 

But before THAT the U-14 boys all had to pee and we were on the “no rest stops for 116 miles” section of starting to snow Pennsylvania.

Thank you God for empty plastic bags, Hefty cinch sacks, and recently depleted Gatorade bottles.  And for LIDS. 

But before that, we lost 2 of the three National Indoor Weekend tournament games in gray and dreary Cleveland, OH and some of our players got angry and said unkind things to the referee and got yellow and red cards.  And while they were arguing with the ref the winning team got one last goal in right at the buzzer.


But before that we beat the first team 17 – 0 and got extremely bragadocious, went swimming, ate pasta for dinner and big bowls of strawberries for breakfast, drank beverages, watched TV in cushy beds and slept in late.

Thank you that we didn’t even come close to making the finals which would have meant a departure 4 hours later.    And thank you for all those times in life when you shut my mouth.  I’m sorry you have to do that so much but please keep it up and maybe we can all help each other get better at the whole think-before-you-speak thing. 

But before that my tag-along daughter’s best friend’s family was waiting for her when we got to the hotel on Friday at 7 p.m and returned her safely on Sunday in the middle of game 3 with her homework (mostly) done, a bag from our former church’s gift store, lots of stories to share and an autographed picture of KISS which she “traded” her Michigan friend for some real Virginia Beach sand and they had no road troubles at all.


Thank you God for loving us so awesomely through ALL our friends old and new, nearby and far away, circumstances normal and challenging. 

And thank you God for Priority Mail.

priority-mail“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. 

Plans to prosper and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11



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  1. you’re a good . . . everything… momma, friend, sister, driver, daughter, child of God, wife, story teller, story listener, story maker uper. . .
    i love you

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