Way Back Whensday




Today my neice Ella Faith would be 6 years old. This realization is difficult to believe. A kindergartener? Really??

Today I work with kindergarteners and first graders at church. This month we are talking about following directions and specifically Jesus’ directions on prayer and giving and not to worry in the Sermon on the Mount. My short season with Ella 6 years ago was a walk in all of these things.

First: Praying as a conversation–not to be heard. Often those painful prayers don’t even have words but the Spirit intercedes with “sighs too deep for words.” Paul’s words to the Romans confirms this.

Next:  Not To Worry…this one is more difficult…especially when a child’s life is on the line. But even then, Creator/Sustainer God is holding each and every heart in his strong and purposeful hand.  We can trust him always.  Not to get what we want, but to submit to what is BEST.

And finally: Giving.  Often giving is assumed to be mostly referring to donations of money but the gift of time is also precious and much appreciated.  Giving of yourself sounds so cliche, but to really step into someone else’s life and try to figure out what would help and then DO THAT THING often makes for a nice vacation from selfishness and discontent.

So today I remember Ella and I’m grateful for the lessons I learned from Jesus’ Little Lamb.

I am Jesus’ Little Lamb/Ever glad at heart I am
For my shepherd gently guides me/knows my need and well provides me
Loves me every day the same/even calls me by my name

Day by day at home, away/Jesus is my strength and stay/
When I hunger, Jesus feeds me/into pleasant pasture leads me/
When I thirst He bids me go/where the quiet waters flow

Who so happy as I am? Since I am the Shepherd’s Lamb
And when life on earth has ended, by His angel host attended/
He shall fold me to his breast, there within His arms to rest.


To read Ella’s whole heart story, go to www.carepages.com  care page name:  Ella Faith Hoagland


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  1. Six years? Really???
    As I wrote on Laura’s FB, I came across the song “On Eagles Wings” at work today(today!) and immediately thought of Ella.
    “…and he will raise you up, on eagle’s wings
    Bear you on the breath of dawn
    Make you to shine like the sun
    And hold you in the palm
    of His hand.”
    Sacred Times, those were.
    Sending Love

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