Way Back When-sday


I can NOT believe this is happening.

I mean it was just “yesterday” when I got the first + on a stick.  January 1994

Then it wasn’t too long after that…April 1995 in fact, that we got another +

THEN it wasn’t too long after THAT…December 1995 that we got yet ANOTHER +

Then it was not quite 2 years later October 1998 we got a fourth +



And now 10 years later.  A fifth +     Backaches and diapers and spit up, Oh My.





Oh and one more thing…


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  1. I was just working up “the ugly cry” for you!!! Oh MY that was a good one!
    That happened to a couple in our care group. They had 2 teenagers. And now a 2 year old!
    YOU DOG!

  2. you booger! I was catching up and about had a heart attack! It’s 7am and I was trying to find my phone really quick to call you! that’ll teach me to get behind! Sheesh!!!!

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