True Confession


Sometimes? When my 4th grader is having a difficult time with homework, I give him hints and then walk away so he can try & figure it out by himself. As I climb the stairs, an image often comes to mind of a darling little 10 year old girl working swiftly through the same assignment.  She looks up from her neatly organized Trapper Keeper, poises her rainbow pencil with eraser intact under a replenished eraser topper; and smiles with adorable dimples at her pearl-wearing, aproned mom who is pulling the savory pot roast from the oven saying to her, “This [Science/Math/Word Study] is fun, Mom!”

Then I imagine sneaking into their home after midnight and spray-painting her hamster.

After which I may or may not make myself a roast beef sandwich.

I SOOOOOOOooooo       DO.  NOT.  HEART.  4th grade.


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  1. Ya, but just think, your boy may one day grow up to marry that sweet little girl and wouldn’t that be embarrassing to find out that you broke into the house of your future daughter-in-law’s home and terrorized her poor little rodent?! HA HA! You know, God has just such a sense of humor…He could make it happen! Miss you! It was great talking to you the other day. Love, Debbi

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