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So the 9 year old lost his first molar. He writes a letter to the “Tooth Fairy.” He even asked me “how do you write those [finger quotes]? So he knew what ” “finger quotes”” are but the concept of written quotation marks eludes him.  Riiiiight.


toothfairy 2

So of course I forget to “tell” the “Tooth Fairy.”

I “remind” the 4th grader that it sometimes takes “her” 3 or 4 nights to make all the “rounds” and deliver all the “deserved scrilla.”  He’s not disappointed, he’s downright mad.

That night at dinner he comes down to show us the $10.oo he got from the “Tooth Fairy.”

I know I didn’t put it there.

I KNOW his DAD didn’t put it there.

“Go get your letter and show it to dad.”  We are bewildered especially after seing this addition.

tooth fairy replyThe tooth was still there in the tooth-shaped container from school.

I’m not positive it wasn’t THE REAL tooth fairy…

…but I tipped the cleaning ladies BIG TIME!


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