Alphabetical Gratitude-modified slightly


Alphatical gratitude is a helpful Anti-depressant I learned from my Adopted G’ma W.  Blessings are all around us at all times, even when we’re Cranky.  This is the Day that the Lord has made…  Everyone I meet today may have something to teach or show me.  Fajitas would be really good right now.  Gratitude is an exercise in discipline.  Health cannot be underestimated…ask the Infirmed.  Just when you think you can’t take another step, God shows his hand.  Krispy Kreme donuts taste best when dropped off at your front door unexpectedly by  Lovely, Mrs. Neighbor who Opts to Pool-the-car Quietly to Rush Soccer practice Twice a week Under Varying degrees of traffic challenges.  When I think about the Wonderful opportunities and Wise co-workers and Wacky family and friends I’m surrounded with I can’t help but be eXtremely humbled and filled with joy Yesterday, today and forever. 



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