Balls: sparkly, splashy and otherwise


So last week I was 15 minutes early to a lunch meeting and saw a store going out of bizness.  I went in twice in the next few days and “cleaned them out of Baby Jesuses”  by which I mean I got every last sparkly snowflake and 10 light up sparkly balls (glitter, not mirror) for which to decorate the EZ up tent for 5th grade Social Butterfly’s We’re-Done-With-SOL-Testing (random) party.  Older daughter begged a sleepover elsewhere.  Wise, that one.

Behold the beauty!sparkly ball1

Also, my big’un scored numerous balls-in-net this weekend, even during the rain.  They won the hole dang tourney.  WhattaStud.


Yesterday at church I had to conference with 2 “helpful” teens “leading” small groups with 5-6-7 year olds.  The one told a kid, “If you take your nametag off then your mom will never come back for you.”  Nice.  owen

The other one said…to his group of boys…AT CHURCH…where we’re learning about LOVE and KINDNESS and RESPECT  “Only little dumb girls like Star Wars.”  Are.  You.  Kidding.  Me.

Dude.  I’m so firing all my under-20 volunteers.

Today we are bravely hosting some families-with-young-children.  They, too will need to summon the courage because, although  I am determined that no one will frighten them with sarcasm; sadly, we no longer have Kid Toys…and that’s a little terrifying.  We are all about the inappropriate Guitar Hero lyrics up in here as well as dangerous sports like skateboarding in traffic, bicycling with headphones, ripsticking down the front steps, canal swamp-wading and the ever popular break the fence/window with testosterone-induced soccer ball bullets. 

But I think I may go get me a Crazy Daisy and some splashy balls.  Because what’s more fun than unstable spitting foliage and pegging your friend with soggy polyester?


splash ballsCrazyDaisyWithGirl.


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