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Not in dictionary OR thesaurus


I took my budding rock star daughter to her 2nd guitar lesson last week.  Her instructor has been teaching my hubby to shred somewhat for well over a year now.  He looks like the long lost brother of the WKRP in Cincinnati DJ–Johnny Flytrap?  Whazzizname?  50something rocker complete with ponytail & attitude.  He accidentally stepped in it last time w/my 13 year old daughter by assuming she wanted to play some Jo Bros or Miley. 



Make that Poison or GnR, please.

“Alroooooight.  Now yer talkin’.”


So I walked in with her, reminded him of the No Jonas policy and quick as a snap he hatched a brilliant plan to trick hubby who was coming in later for his lesson.  Well, can I just say, I’m all over that action?

He says he’ll tell Hubby that he found some underground bootleg early cassettes of Poison this week and does he want to try them out?  I say oh.  He’ll fall for that quicker’n you can say “Cici pick up that guitar and Talk Ta Me”

So a few hours later the two rockers-in-training arrive home and hubby is positively bubbling over that he picked up a never-before-heard Poison track and played it througout the whole lesson.  “Kinda blues-y” he says.  I put away groceries and muffle a laugh.  This was better than I expected. 

Meanwhile 13 year old accomplice says, “Dad!  I think I just found that song on YouTube!”  She plays it for him.  He recognizes it “S.O.S.” and immediately feels violated.  FISHED IN!

He said he felt like that scene after Ace Ventura kisses “Einhorn” where he’s plunging his face with a plumber’s helper.