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Christopher Bowman Hendrix


So there I was.  On a Saturday night.  5 days overdue.  Jumping up & down during the commercial breaks of SNL.  Because my sister was getting married 3 states away in less than 2 weeks. 

It worked!

Christopher Bowman Hendrix was born in the wee hours of July 6, 1999. 

He was a busy baby but also pretty content.  He was often bruised due to his adventurous nature.  Before long he was riding a scooter with handlebars higher than his head around York Court.

He was the first 5 year old I had that actually went to Kindergarten.

And 4 years later in the 3rd grade he asked me how to spell his name.

Now he’s a skateboarding, surfing, class clown kinda guy and I’m ever so glad he was born.

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