Christopher Bowman Hendrix


So there I was.  On a Saturday night.  5 days overdue.  Jumping up & down during the commercial breaks of SNL.  Because my sister was getting married 3 states away in less than 2 weeks. 

It worked!

Christopher Bowman Hendrix was born in the wee hours of July 6, 1999. 

He was a busy baby but also pretty content.  He was often bruised due to his adventurous nature.  Before long he was riding a scooter with handlebars higher than his head around York Court.

He was the first 5 year old I had that actually went to Kindergarten.

And 4 years later in the 3rd grade he asked me how to spell his name.

Now he’s a skateboarding, surfing, class clown kinda guy and I’m ever so glad he was born.

June 2009 025

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  1. Hi Shannon!
    I REMEMBER Bo scooting around the neighborhood like a professional~NO fear. He and Molly are forever connected by those early years on York Ct.

    And yes! Shameful indeed. Wish I’d thought of “shutting you down” because it’s nice to “see” you again. You make my heart smile. MWAH!

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