In which she rambles for a while looking for a point by the end of, say, 200 words or so…



It’s a Wednesday.  The day I used to go get all trained up for the Fellowship of Bible Studiers and their tag-along munchkins.

The day that for the last 12 or so weeks has gotten off to a spectacularly Beth Moore-ified start.

The day I sometimes have a big honkin’ staff meeting at the Branch-O-Spring with other battle-weary, wounded healers.

But this particular Wednesday I’m all by my own self.

Well, not completely.  God’s here too.  Hi God!  (wave)

2 days ago, Sis and I were on the beach talking about God.  How the Tony Dungee (sp?) book has been out for about 2 years but she happened to pick it up for the plane ride  from St. Louis to Virginia Beach and lo & behold did our pastor not PUT UP A PPT SLIDE OF THAT VERY SAME 2 YEAR OLD BOOK this past Sunday.  That’s a God moment for her.

Mine was a few weeks ago when I realized I was losing all my 2008-2009 K-1 small group  leaders only to get a list of 6 more all who said “Yes” and did a fab-U-loso job on their first day.   God is so ON it.

Not to mention how He & bro-in-law cooperated so awesomely to bring my sis here for a visit so we could go to the beach while the rest of the world was working or in school.   Don’t hate.

So there’s the point I guess…God is ON it.

***And GLEE is on tonight!***

DON’T stop.  be LEEV in’!

(Git down, girl…go ‘head…git down)


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  1. That God, He is something!

    Honey and I just watched Glee on the DVR.

    We had over 30 ladies at The Fellowship of Bible Studiers Intro on Thurs! See? He is something!

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