Planes, Trains & What Now?


Mercy, what a weekend! 

It began with the Comedy Fest that is Office/Parks & Rec/SNL remote control switch-a-thon all while happily snuggling my happy 4 month old friend Harper while her parents attended a mac-daddy rehearsal dinner.

Which brings me to Friday.  My very 1st Virginia Beach wedding.  On the Oceanfront.  Well, in a church AT the Oceanfront.  A beautiful church with beautiful flowers and beautiful music and beautiful people who I already love after only 1 year.  I sat by The NOTMOTB (Neighbor Of The Mother Of The Bride) who was delightfully inappropriately chatty & loud & intentionally dumping out her purse JUST as the church got quiet for the bridal procession which made me chuckle & want to write a book about stuff like this.  We traded breath mints (mine) for kleenex (hers) and bonded over hushed whispers (mine) and not really trying whispers (hers) while the joy of the happy couple was QUITE contagious. 

The reception was on Murry’s Inlet overlooking a beautiful surprise colorful sunset after hours of gray skies just as the boat… You heard me… BOAT idled up to the dock with all 20 members of the wedding party on board.  It was A. (pause)  BOAT.  Like, the kind with couches, a recliner and a coffee table and a dining room table for cryin out loud.  Yeah.  That kind.

One or ten bacon wrapped scallops later, it was time to go upstairs, WHAT???  Upstairs?  For the REAL party.  SUCH fun was had and more bonding.   NOTMOTB was successfully avoided and we had a lovely time with several other couples from our church chatting, dancing, and just plain enjoying the festivities.  No major crisis/youtube worthy events at home in the meantime but we did arrive home around 10:00 p.m. to find 2 Domino’s chocolate lava crunch cake gooey handprints in the driveway. 

Lord only knows the backstory to THAT one.

Saturday 8:00 found us on the soggy football field with a painful loss to the jr. tackle Redskins.

Saturday 1:00 found us on the windy soccer field with a narrow win over Sterling in the U15 State Cup.

Saturday 8:00 p.m. found me driving home the two boyfriends.  YEAH.  BOYFRIENDS of my beautiful middle school daughters.  Then a “Guard Your Heart” lecture for the girls was in order for them AND their girl buds who happened to also be in the car under my authority & wisdom.  Or perceived wisdom. 

Did you know that you can HEAR eyerolling?  You totally can. 

GUARD YOUR HEARTS, ladies.  I mean it.  Or so help me…

Sunday 8:00 a.m.  Hubby & boy to Charlottesville 186 miles away for a tough regular season defeat.  THAT is a long ride home, homies.

also Sunday 8:00 a.m. Girls + Boy marathon church time  followed by marathon TV (VMAs, Emmys, other random Tivo’d items) and a trip to Handel’s for the brave mowing boy & neighbor.

Now I’m headed to the couch to finish The Lost Symbol.  I hear Robert Langdon calling me “Get back in here so I can get out of this mess!”   Then maybe later I’ll go for a swim so I can be proud of myself during Biggest Loser tonight.

Sorry.  Today is NO POINT day.

Here’s an idea…when you tell a story, have a POINT.  It makes it SO much more INTERESTING for the LISTENER!”


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