KEY 2404


A big road hobby here in VA Beach is reading all the vanity plates & figuring out what they say.   A recent favorite was


Get it? You tooted? Classic! We laughed & laughed at that one.

Then a few minutes later on the same drive I said, OH MAN!   LOOK at THAT one!


…and began laughing hysterically.  8th grader caught on right away and played along.   6th grade girls in the back and 4th grade brother who were all in the car at the time were all, “What? WHAT! I don’t get it!   What does Key 24oh4 mean?  What??  !!!   Just tell me!”   Which only served to make us laugh harder & harder.



A litttle bit of pee as they tapped furiously into their phones, wrote it on scraps of paper and searched their minds for obscure funny sayings with “key” and numbers in them.

Finally we composed ourselves and admitted to them that it means nothing. Nothing at all.

Later we couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it out on the All-Knowing 9th grader.   Hubby had him putting it in his phone, looking at it in a mirror backwards over his shoulder “Like you would see it in a rear view mirror” upside down, everything we could think of.  We got him good.  TWICE.  And now it has become a saying for anything a person is unwilling to disclose.

As in: “Who is that texting you this late?”

“Key2404 Mom.”


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