Skinny Dipping


Yes it’s true.   This summer I began an almost daily habit of Skinny Dipping. 


Oddly enough, it’s one thing that has made me feel like Virginia Beach is now home. 

Kinda like a Tim Horton’s mocha, plain bagel, toasted with strawberry cream cheese in Ypsilanti.








Or a chocolate covered frozen banana (with nuts) at Dairy King in Plymouth.frozen banana

Or hot Krispy Kremes from the Telegraph Road store in Dearborn.  krispy creme









Only Skinny Dip is way healthier.  Low/no fat frozen yogurt made fresh with new flavors daily….

SD flavors











sd toppings 2

and you can sample them all!  sd sample







Once you decide on your favorite flavor, then proceed to all manner of lucious fruit toppings.

toppings healthy

There are also other toppings as well…toppings candy store

Unbelievably yummy.  Irresistably awesome.  Two convenient locations.

One is blissfully on the way home from church 🙂  The other joyously close to soccer practice.  And also Kohl’s.

I usually go for Key Lime Tart when available and top it with a healthy spoonful or three of strawberries.    A fellow patron wisely alerted me to the container of  Pie Crust Crumbs which adds that special something.

toppings pie crust

If you become a fan on facebook, or follow The Skinny Dip on twitter-logo you can find out what the daily flavors are.  And then you’ll decide to come here to visit me.  Quite possibly several times a week.   We’ll get some to eat right on the sidewalk and maybe a container to take with us to the beach. 

But just to be clear, I’m keeping my suit on.


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