5 Words


Thank you, CapriK for this stream of consciousness idea!  She gave me 5 random words to share thoughts on… 

splinter — Of course I’m thinking of the ouchie tiny piece of wood that gets in your hand or finger.  I was probably about 13 the first time I got brave enough to operate on my very own hand using a straight pin sterilized by a lit match.  I know the rush that Meredith, Izzy, and Christina experience as I poke into the dead skin on top and excavate the wee intruder.  No fun, but how brave am I?

exist — We are past the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny-believing ages here at my house, which is kinda sad, but we are thankfully all now old enough that we realize daily that God exists…and not just “around” but HERE.  WITH us.  He interacts with us with “kisses on the cheek” and the occasional “taps on the shoulder” and once in a while a “kick in the trousers.” 

dimension — Twilight Zone Doo DOO Doo doo…Doo DOO Doo doo  Also I had to take some measurements for a Jeep that hubby is making for our Preschool stage.  As in “get the dimensions”…of the stage it’s going on, the chairs that will go inside and something Hubby called the “footprint.”  I came home with lots of girl-type measurements.  For example:

Floor to butt=17″   Peg on back under side= 6″      height = 80″

Perceptive readers and/or those not dimensionally challenged will notice, as hubby immediately did, that 80″ HIGH might be a wee bit big for a cardboard Jeep prop.  “What number is on the other side of the 80 on a measuring tape?”  Oh….yeah…that makes more sense.

lift— Oh so many thoughts.  Initially, the Cross Your Heart Bra commercials from the 70s.  


For the life of me, I could NOT figure (ha ha–get it?  figure??  For “full figured gals”) out why in the world ladies wanted to make Them pointy.   But this particular product was touted to LIFT and SEPARATE.  I guess the pointiness was just a bonus. 

surprise — Had a lovely surprise party for my mom back in 2002 when she turned 60 and was briefly in remission.  People brought 60 items (Qtips, pennies, one guy actually brought 60 disassembled stereo speakers) and some long-distance family members flew in secretly to help celebrate.   We took her to tea while the friends assembled.


Lots of great memories from that weekend–she was glowing–and though she got a hint of the surprise as we came around the bend and saw friends’ cars all lined up, it was just enough of a surprise to be enjoyable.  








In other surprise news, 10 year old asked for a surprise party in July this year.  Requesting such somewhat hinders successful implementation but the GA cousins happened to be in town the week before his birthday so we did our very best with BK burger shots and Dollar Tree cans of silly string. 

bo silly string surprise

 I am literally still scraping that stuff off our deck chairs.


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