Sandy Cheeks


A few weeks ago was the weekend “The Locals Take Back The Oceanfront” otherwise known as Neptune Festival.   I almost didn’t make it this year to see the sand sculptures until I volunteered to babysit Sunday night for the 4 month old of our Youth Leaders.  I was pretty sure she wouldn’t ask for a $8.00 drink and then immediately spill it.   I was right. 

sept pix 015

The stroller was not outfitted with sand tires (although I bet they do have those now) so all the photos I took were from the boardwalk.  Incredible abilities and ideas these sand-art people. 



sept pix 010See how she made a hole for the actual “moon.”  I mean.  Come.  On.   sept pix 008

I think this one was my favorite.  It was called “Dancing With The Stars.”

sept pix 021

I mean look at those faces.  Beautiful emotion!

sept pix 026

sept pix 023











This one made me think of my Hubby:

sept pix 013


I thought my guitar-playing daughter would have liked seeing this one:

sept pix 012

This one made me a little bit sad.  I wondered if everyone got the “statement” it was making.

sept pix 017

I was confused by the robot/sand castle on the right but this detail was somewhat humorous:

sept pix 018

Thanks for going with me, Harper.  I would’ve totally gotten you an $8.00 drink.  Maybe next year.

sept pix 020


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