Below is my Twitter Tutorial.  But first, a brief history…

It took me a while to jump on the facebook  bandwagon.  Some people at work had it and kept sending me emails to “be their friend.”  I was under the impression we were already friends, what with all the lunches and cohortedness and hand-holding prayers on a weekly basis.  But no, they said.  Facebook is different, they said.  You’ll love it, they said.

And eventually they were right.  A little TOO right.

I wasn’t sold out to facebook until I moved 700 miles away from those praying friends I love.  Then I became their facebook friend to keep in touch, you know…with the prayers and all.  I admit I went a little bit facebookbizonkers.  I took daily quizzes, answered hourly surveys, shopped far too often for furniture on Yoville and losing many a minute doing it.  But I was homesick and hooked.

Enter twitter.

Twitter is like facebook on espresso.  The idea is not so much the collecting of friends and wasting of time on games and cybercities, farms & mafias but the treasure hunt for people who you know or who make you laugh, think or sometimes have a point.  Which is way more streamlined than facebook.  Here’s what I’ve gleaned from my experience so far:

1.  Tweet = Status Update  My favorite part of Facebook…making mine, reading others.   If you are a people person, it’s all gravy.

Lame Example:  Guy From Commercial:  I’m sitting on the patio.

Good Example:    MarioLopez  Video of me (shirtless, lol) getting dunked! Thanks, @extratv

Oh no, Mr. Lopez.  Thank YOU.

2.  Follow = While facebook makes both parties connect and agree to be “friends,”  Twitter gives you the option to “follow” someone’s tweets whether they follow you or not.  Example: a co-worker you really admire who has good ideas, the author of a favorite book, or excerpts from Jimmy Fallon’s monologue.

3.  RT= retweet  That’s when someone currently says something GREAT and you wish you had thought of it.  It’s not as good to RT as it is to tweet your own original thoughts, but every now & then is kinda fun.  Example:

MaxLucado Satan loves to leave us in a ill-defined fog of unrest.Our response to his cloud is simply “Details,please.”

*Note the lack of proper spacing after punctuation.  That’s due to the 140 character limit.  Othrs hv bn knwn 2 shrtn wrds 2 save valubl spc orjustrunallwordstogetherwithnospaces.  Both are acceptable.  Sorry English Teachers everywhere. **

For a RT, I would copy this into my “What are you doing” box, type RT in front of it (giving credit where credit is due) and the world is saved from my “sitting on the patio” update or lame attempt at #oneletteroffmovies ideas (see below).  For now.

4.   @ =  “to”   This is the way you easily connect a tweet to someone specific, also on twitter,  for all the world to see.  Kinda like The Wall on facebook, which I learned through trial & error IS NOT PRIVATE.  Example:

@MaxLucado  I really needed to hear that today what with all my Lopez-related fog.  Thanks & God bless.

5.  DM = Direct Message similar to Facebook’s “send ____ a message”.  THIS is the way to send that surprise party info or comment on an inside joke.  Not always clandestine, just not for everyone to see.

6.  # = hashtag   When you put # before some words or a code, it allows you to look up other tweets on the same subject such as #twilight or #RIPKanyeWest.  So you can see the intrigue, humor, fun and timeliness.  At the Willow Creek Leadership Summit the publicized hashtag was #TLS09 which led to oh so many wise and amazing tweets,  responses & questions about the speakers & content from all over the planet in real time, (many from phones during the sessions, I’m sure).  Very fun and exciting to SEE leadership for the cause of Christ taking root and making a difference all over the place.  See?  It’s not all mindless.  Only some of it is.  Which brings me to…

7.  TT = trending topics  I was so excited and amazed when #TLS09 became a TT!  (Are you following the lingo?) When you go to before even signing in you can see a bunch of topics being discussed at any given moment.  Why, just yesterday I discovered #oneletteroffmovies (many of which are dirty, scads of which are misunderstood…it’s one LETTER off, not one WORD, moron), but several dozen are clever and hilarious such as:  Mortal Wombat.  I mean, come on.  That’s one to chuckle on for DAYS.

That’s about the extent of my twitter knowledge.  It’s fun to know on a daily basis, (but not in rich detail) what my cousin who runs a news room in NC is stressing over, or the funny things my friend with twins reports, as well as the daily verse/thought from my MI pastor.  I have stopped following some people and don’t really prowl around for others, but I love getting the notice that I just got another follower me so stop on by!

Tweet dreams are made of these!


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