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Soccer Short Cut


The piper has been paid.

After great success in sand soccer

and an awesome Karate-Kid inspired goal in the pre-season Sun Cup,

and great start to the fall soccer season

TeenBoy got just a wee smidge to big for his shinguards.  He bet a teammate that he would score 10 goals in the season or he would shave his glossy locks off.

(Personally, I think he would’ve made all 10 were it not for the rain-outs).

((But also, I think he was tired of being told he looks like Mitchell Musso)).



No more bets, dude.   Lesson learned.

How To Make Your Head Explode.


Step 1:  Get yourself a 12 year old daugher.

Step 2:  Resist the begging, pleading, whining and cajoling for 1st day of school SKINNY JEANS during the 80+ degree months of August and September.   Assure her of the purchase once the weather dips slightly, or November. Whichever comes first.

Step 3:  Succumb to the full-price jeans in a moment of October weakness.  Notice & point out the lack of gratitude.  Sulk simultaneously.

Step 4:  Become irritated when shorts are regularly STILL being worn at 7:45 am on school days in the rainy autumn breezes on days with a high of 53.   Decide to let sleeping demin lie.   

Step 5:  Recognize the back pockets of The Jeans on a pair of cut-off shorts.  Slowly ascertain the fact that The Jeans are now shorts.  Cut by a sly, yet inexperienced 12 year old.

Step 6:  Attempt to find humor in situation by briefly wondering to yourself what adjectives Tim Gunn would use to describe her “process.”

Step 7:  Fail.

Head explosion is now complete.  Until this afternoon.

CandyFest 2009


My college friend JGlam and her most excellent possie drove about an hour from “Suffick”  to our ‘hood this weekend for the TrickyTreatn’est Halloween to date in VB.  With temps in the high 70s it was a delightfully awesome evening outside with no less than 3 full-on haunted garages on our block!

oct pictures 027

There’s a rule in VB that 13 is “too old” to Trick or Treat.  This is the one day my kids are glad they are short because they play by Michigan rules which says to GO FOR IT.  15 year old “rock & roller” came home with 11 lbs. of candy.

oct pictures 031

Super girl came home with 0.00 oz. of candy and just dumped the leftovers from our giveaway stash into her bag.

oct pictures 010

Who can bother with a bag when you look this fabulous?

Random “cool cape/scary bloody jester skull”  boy along with his neighbors The WolfDoctor., and Al Capone raided the neighborhood completely then came home & traded with a vengence.

oct pictures 024

Tavern Lady/Pirate girl just had fun with M the Squaw.  

oct pictures 016

K-lion was adorable too. 

oct pictures 022

And though I don’t have a picture of them, how happy was I to have Grandparents in my house again?  VERY.  Another kiss on the cheek from God.