CandyFest 2009


My college friend JGlam and her most excellent possie drove about an hour from “Suffick”  to our ‘hood this weekend for the TrickyTreatn’est Halloween to date in VB.  With temps in the high 70s it was a delightfully awesome evening outside with no less than 3 full-on haunted garages on our block!

oct pictures 027

There’s a rule in VB that 13 is “too old” to Trick or Treat.  This is the one day my kids are glad they are short because they play by Michigan rules which says to GO FOR IT.  15 year old “rock & roller” came home with 11 lbs. of candy.

oct pictures 031

Super girl came home with 0.00 oz. of candy and just dumped the leftovers from our giveaway stash into her bag.

oct pictures 010

Who can bother with a bag when you look this fabulous?

Random “cool cape/scary bloody jester skull”  boy along with his neighbors The WolfDoctor., and Al Capone raided the neighborhood completely then came home & traded with a vengence.

oct pictures 024

Tavern Lady/Pirate girl just had fun with M the Squaw.  

oct pictures 016

K-lion was adorable too. 

oct pictures 022

And though I don’t have a picture of them, how happy was I to have Grandparents in my house again?  VERY.  Another kiss on the cheek from God.

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