How To Make Your Head Explode.


Step 1:  Get yourself a 12 year old daugher.

Step 2:  Resist the begging, pleading, whining and cajoling for 1st day of school SKINNY JEANS during the 80+ degree months of August and September.   Assure her of the purchase once the weather dips slightly, or November. Whichever comes first.

Step 3:  Succumb to the full-price jeans in a moment of October weakness.  Notice & point out the lack of gratitude.  Sulk simultaneously.

Step 4:  Become irritated when shorts are regularly STILL being worn at 7:45 am on school days in the rainy autumn breezes on days with a high of 53.   Decide to let sleeping demin lie.   

Step 5:  Recognize the back pockets of The Jeans on a pair of cut-off shorts.  Slowly ascertain the fact that The Jeans are now shorts.  Cut by a sly, yet inexperienced 12 year old.

Step 6:  Attempt to find humor in situation by briefly wondering to yourself what adjectives Tim Gunn would use to describe her “process.”

Step 7:  Fail.

Head explosion is now complete.  Until this afternoon.

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