Soccer Short Cut


The piper has been paid.

After great success in sand soccer

and an awesome Karate-Kid inspired goal in the pre-season Sun Cup,

and great start to the fall soccer season

TeenBoy got just a wee smidge to big for his shinguards.  He bet a teammate that he would score 10 goals in the season or he would shave his glossy locks off.

(Personally, I think he would’ve made all 10 were it not for the rain-outs).

((But also, I think he was tired of being told he looks like Mitchell Musso)).



No more bets, dude.   Lesson learned.

3 responses »

  1. Is he growing it back?

    He looks darling either way. Connor would be SO jealous of his glossy locks! When his hair gets long, it just looks like a thick wooly animal perched up there!

    Glad he came through on the bet! A dude of character and integrity!

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