Broncos RULE!


It was a great night of football.   60+ degrees under a full moon.

The Broncos were ready to finish the Championship game that got called early due to bad weather on Monday.

We left the field that night just after our 2nd touchdown.  The Redskins had scored first but Broncos came back strong and were up 14-6 when the refs made the call to continue the game on Thursday under dryer circumstances.

And finish it, they did!  Two more touchdowns in the 2nd 1/2 and no more points for the ‘skins.  WHOOT WHOOT!

The best part is when the parents and the boys all cheered for each other and the massive, Two-Team Huddle.

…plus also?  I got another football mom to snap a great shot of the family.  HELLO CHRISTMAS CARD!

Onward to Upward!  (Basketball, that is)


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  1. Beauty-full picture! Where’s Bo, though? Wait. Holding the trophy? I didn’t recognize him underneath that LONG hair. My new mission/victim =) (Just kidding Bo!) Congratulations Broncos!

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