singing songs about Jesus


We got snowed out of North Carolina.

As in…it didn’t snow HERE where we were, it snowed THERE where we were going.  A LOT.

As a staff person/teacher in Children’s Ministry, I don’t often (ever) get a chance to go visit other churches.  Sometimes I don’t even make it into my own “Big Church.”  So we decided that since our bases were covered in preparation for the trip to Grand’s, we would pay a little visit to a nearby elementary school.  Which is the temporary home of a brand new church called Essential.

On the walk from the vehicle to to front door of Not Our Church Or Elementary School, we had a little conversation with the confused kids about how church doesn’t have to be IN an actual church building to still be “church.”  Church=People + Jesus.

They were like, “Whatevs.  It’s still weird.”

Then we walked in and were greeted and nametagged and fed delicious yumminess and led in singing all the great Christmas songs.  We heard that the equipment truck was frozen in place in the storage facility.   I thought they did quite well for not having any of the usual “stuff.”  12 year old 3rd child said that the worship leader  should be on American Idol.  When I told her that maybe he likes what he’s doing MORE than becoming famous, she just rolled her eyes at the ceiling.  I don’t know what she was looking at up there.  The boy said the food was the best part and the husband imagined  himself up there playing bass guitar.

After a clip from the Rosanne show on religion and a talk on the difference between being in relationship versus following religious rules & customs, the lady that poured me a cup of coffee stood up at the end of service to share that she had decided to begin a relationship with Jesus that very morning.  So did two more ladies in front of her.

Now THAT is what “essential church” is all about.


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