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52 @ 1,2,3 and 4


So I sort of, un-officially bloggishly signed up to do a picture a week for all the whole year long. Only I haven’t lived up to my part of the bargain for January yet, what with all the finishing up my Ministry job at church, secret mystery shopping every post office in the Hampton Roads area and stalking Mako, the Trader Joe’s shark.  So today is going to be catch up day.

Week 1 Jan 1 2010

 Bo and I were hard at work begging the fine people of Samsung to send us to the Olympic Games in Vancouver. We had a good time capturing footage at the ice skating rink in Boone, NC as well as the skatepark back home in Virginia Beach.

Week 2 Jan 9


Beth is a cheerleader for Upward Basketball which is played at Courthouse Community United Methodist Church. Before each game one of the referees prays over both teams, the coaches and all the cheerleaders. Another volunteer gives a devotion at half-time, and the cheerleaders cheer for both teams. Pretty cool way to spend a Friday night (practice) and a Saturday morning for a growing-up-too-fast 6th grader.

Week 3 Jan 16

Wes and his buddy Jack and 3 other indoor soccer teammates earned a trip to Orlando to play 3v3 soccer in the National Kick-It tournament at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.   Jack moved to Virginia Beach from Weston, FL the same month that we moved from Plymouth, MI.  They were put on the same “C” team since they missed tryouts in the Fall, then moved up together to the “B” team for the spring season and finally made the “A” team this Fall 2009.  In the Disney tournament, Jack’s former FL team made it to the quarter finals as did our team, the Mojos.  After a tough loss early Monday morning, the roadtrippers hit I-95 back to VA.  Since we had flown, we stuck around watching games only to discover we had one more game to play!   Wouldn’t you know it was against Jack’s old team!  It was a friendly match up and Jack and Wes played hard and were able to leave with a smile after playing hard for their “invisible” team.

Week 4 Jan 22

I got to sub 3 times in the same 4th grade classes the last few weeks.  Two times was  for the “good cop” teacher and once for her “bad cop” counterpart.  I was all excited that day because I just knew the kids would be happy to see me.  I told them how they actually cheered the last time I was there.   When I told that to my hubby he said, “Alright ‘Michael Scott.’”

Now I know why she’s so mean. They were awful. Just what you’d expect when the mean teacher is away and the sub is easy going. **sigh**

And with THAT, I am caught up! 4 weeks down, 48 to go.  Bring it on, 2010!

Disney Mojo


Another adventure survived a la Team Mojo!

A bunch of my son’s soccer teammates branch off each winter in the off season to play indoor soccer up in Williamsburg.   Up there they play 5v5 style of soccer–no goalie, everyone scores, quick halves, lotsa playing time, everybody’s happy.  A subset of that team competed in 3v3 regionals up in Lancaster, PA which sent them them for the National tournament in sunny overcast Orlando, The Happiest Place On Earth.

On a hot tip from another parent, I purchased deliciously cheap tickets from

How cute is their new logo?  With the heart.  Good call, Southwest.  I salute you.

Day one of play was a complete success.  We won both games and were coming out on top in our pool of play.  Out of 21 teams in the U14 division, we were on our way to the quarter finals. 

Sunday morning came quick and we were up before the sun with a devotional in the Suburban on using every tool God gives us (armor).  Ephesians 6:10  With some good energy and prayers behind us, we arrived to the field to meet our sick team member who had been up all night with situations I won’t discuss and you won’t want to know about.  He still gave a great effort, as did the “well” boys and we came out with another victory.  Next it was on to Quiznos where One Mom found a penny, offered it to another Mom saying “Penny for your thoughts” to which Mom Two quickly responded “NICKEL FOR YOUR WHOLE BRAIN!”  followed by exstatic clapping and the joyful admission, “I’ve been waiting so long to say that to somebody!!!!”

Back to the fields for game 4 and yet another victory.  Our boys were playing clean and crisp.

The group (sans sick player & family) discovered the joys of a 4:00 dinner at Olive Garden–no crowd, lots of time, and we just enjoyed one another’s company and an early bedtime.

Monday is when things turned around.  We arrived to the chilly fields without stress for the 9:00 quarter-final game which we promptly lost to a team with finesse–Euroselect–which (spoiler alert) went on to win the whole darn thing.  So there’s that.

Well, somewhere along the line, we got our lions crossed and neglected to notice there was a loser’s bracket which guaranteed us a 2nd Monday game for 5th-8th place.  Sadly unaware, 3 parents, 3 players, 1 sibling and the Coach packed up the Suburban and hit the road back to Virginia around 9:45. 

My Boy and the Sick Boy milled around, shopping, chatting, socializing with other parents until lo & behold we seperately discover through sideline conversations about 10:45 that there’s an 11:00 game and WE’RE IN IT.

“Mayday mayday!  Get your Mojo butts back here!”

Elation ensued in the Suburban, but only too brief as the news set in that the two remaining players were currently taking the field with no way of delaying the game for the hour it would take the car to get back to Happy Town. 

With the adrenaline rush only known to young teenage boys who consider themselves invincible, the two took the field versus the Sick Boy’s former teammates.  Oh, the irony.

My boy popped one in right from the whistle and left the Weston, FL boys bewildered.  “Surely we’re not going to lose to these two?”   Surely, they did not.  Meanwhile, on the sidelines Sick Boy’s dad turns to me and realizes outloud  “Oh…wow.  I guess that makes us the coaches,” to which I pause my flip video and respond, “Oh, yikes.   What are we supposed to be saying?” 

After about 7 minutes of constant running, shooting, blocking and retrieving both Mojo boys were sucking wind and hollering at us, “How much longer until they get here?”  


They’re not coming. 

Oh, the heavy, heavy realization of 5th-7th place slipping out of your grasp with no breather in sight.

So they played for the joy of the game, the opposing players passed the ball around to give them a moment every now & then and the opposing parents cheered them on.  

 I’ve never been so thankful for the mercy rule and neither have those two boys.  12-2 final.

The Pennsylvania coach of the team that bested our victors told our boys of their effort, “THAT is the definition of ‘Mojo.’

I couldn’t agree more.

Glass Half Full (aka: denial)


Today is the day that the Samsung people are making the calls to the 10 finalists for the Mobile Explorers contest to blog the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I haven’t glanced at the phone so much since 1983 when I was expecting that cute guy in one of my classes (cough) band (cough) to call and ask me to the DECA dance. 

Spoiler alert:  The phone did ring.  I did get asked to the DECA dance.  But by the golf star & not the tuba player.   Life’s funny like that.

Which brings me to today.  My thoughts continue to bounce from half-full to half-empty.  Let’s examine, shall we?

1/2 Full Thought:  Why wouldn’t they call?  Our video was cute and original and showed personality (40% of total score) good communication skills (50% of total score) and social networking ability (10% of total score).

1/2 Empty Thought:  Of course they won’t call.  Many of the applicants are full-fledged adult journalists who have done this kind of thing before.  For pay. 

1/2 Full:  but my child is SO STINKING CUTE they will be quick to toss that pesky “legal age” requirement out the window.

1/2 Full:  PLUS Also, isn’t that a significant market share of who is using Samsung/competitor products these days?  The 8-17 year old market?  I mean, really, folks.  Come.  On.

1/2 Empty:  I now know how all those early audition people on American Idol feel.  Full on dreams and empty on talent/experience.  But fanning the flame, boys.  Fanning the flame.  I am even hearing  myself think, “People tell me I’m funny,”  and then the Simon in my head goes, “Do the people that tell you that hate you?”  And then the Ryan Seacrest in my head smirks at the camera and then sympathetically says something lame and insincere to me and I,  A) nod, wiping snot while completely oblivious or B) fly into a sidewalk rage.   Aaaaaand (clap) Unscripted scene.

1/2 Full:  But wouldn’t it be so much fun to get that call and then march into the elementary school cafeteria with the theme to An Officer and A Gentleman playing softly in the background, a knowing look on my face, holding up the cell phone and my 4th grader sees me across the sea of chicken patties and chocolate milk and he runs to me in slow mo, knocking over kindergarteners with cute lunchboxes, leaping into my arms then turns around to his 4th grade buddies making an L on his forehead and we drive thru Sonic for Real Food and plan what to pack for our “homeschooling” adventure in Vancouver.

1/2  Full:  OMG I left the phone upstairs and I just heard a beep.  IT’S THEM!  WE DID IT!

1/2 Empty:  Text from 9th grader.  “U here yet w/my lunch $?”

1/2 Full:  Then maybe if no one calls today, there’ll be some fluky thing that causes a string of Chosen Talent to not be able to make it.  For example off the top of my head: 

swine flu. 

The wedding they forgot they had to be in. 

Real actual jobs. 

The February birth of a child they can’t get out of. 

Felony and/or misdemeanor that prevents travel over the U.S. /Canadian border. 

So many lovely ways we could become the fluke alternate team that MAKES IT!  There are ways around talent/experience, people.

If you haven’t already, then go give us some stars while we wait for the news.  Or text/call if you really want to continue my mini-heart-attack/stroke whenever-the-phone-chirps today. 

And if you play the tuba, BONUS.

How To Do The Dishes (If You Love Your Mom)


Step 1:  Notice that the dishwasher is full and that there is already a backlog of cups waiting to be washed.

Step 2:  Put the powder stuff (green box marked CASCADE) in the holes on the door.

Step 3:  Close the door.

Step 4:  Turn it on.

Step 5:  Receive heartfelt thanks and gratitudinal hugs from Amazed Mother who will probably take you for random mid-day ice cream to show her appreciation and she won’t even ask you to put the clean ones away.