Glass Half Full (aka: denial)


Today is the day that the Samsung people are making the calls to the 10 finalists for the Mobile Explorers contest to blog the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I haven’t glanced at the phone so much since 1983 when I was expecting that cute guy in one of my classes (cough) band (cough) to call and ask me to the DECA dance. 

Spoiler alert:  The phone did ring.  I did get asked to the DECA dance.  But by the golf star & not the tuba player.   Life’s funny like that.

Which brings me to today.  My thoughts continue to bounce from half-full to half-empty.  Let’s examine, shall we?

1/2 Full Thought:  Why wouldn’t they call?  Our video was cute and original and showed personality (40% of total score) good communication skills (50% of total score) and social networking ability (10% of total score).

1/2 Empty Thought:  Of course they won’t call.  Many of the applicants are full-fledged adult journalists who have done this kind of thing before.  For pay. 

1/2 Full:  but my child is SO STINKING CUTE they will be quick to toss that pesky “legal age” requirement out the window.

1/2 Full:  PLUS Also, isn’t that a significant market share of who is using Samsung/competitor products these days?  The 8-17 year old market?  I mean, really, folks.  Come.  On.

1/2 Empty:  I now know how all those early audition people on American Idol feel.  Full on dreams and empty on talent/experience.  But fanning the flame, boys.  Fanning the flame.  I am even hearing  myself think, “People tell me I’m funny,”  and then the Simon in my head goes, “Do the people that tell you that hate you?”  And then the Ryan Seacrest in my head smirks at the camera and then sympathetically says something lame and insincere to me and I,  A) nod, wiping snot while completely oblivious or B) fly into a sidewalk rage.   Aaaaaand (clap) Unscripted scene.

1/2 Full:  But wouldn’t it be so much fun to get that call and then march into the elementary school cafeteria with the theme to An Officer and A Gentleman playing softly in the background, a knowing look on my face, holding up the cell phone and my 4th grader sees me across the sea of chicken patties and chocolate milk and he runs to me in slow mo, knocking over kindergarteners with cute lunchboxes, leaping into my arms then turns around to his 4th grade buddies making an L on his forehead and we drive thru Sonic for Real Food and plan what to pack for our “homeschooling” adventure in Vancouver.

1/2  Full:  OMG I left the phone upstairs and I just heard a beep.  IT’S THEM!  WE DID IT!

1/2 Empty:  Text from 9th grader.  “U here yet w/my lunch $?”

1/2 Full:  Then maybe if no one calls today, there’ll be some fluky thing that causes a string of Chosen Talent to not be able to make it.  For example off the top of my head: 

swine flu. 

The wedding they forgot they had to be in. 

Real actual jobs. 

The February birth of a child they can’t get out of. 

Felony and/or misdemeanor that prevents travel over the U.S. /Canadian border. 

So many lovely ways we could become the fluke alternate team that MAKES IT!  There are ways around talent/experience, people.

If you haven’t already, then go give us some stars while we wait for the news.  Or text/call if you really want to continue my mini-heart-attack/stroke whenever-the-phone-chirps today. 

And if you play the tuba, BONUS.


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